3 Reasons to Choose a Cloud ERP System

Many businesses have aspirations to create an adaptable, incorporated and scalable business environment.  This is often more easily said than done, but one issue that can help is to consider the many benefits of a cloud enterprise resource planning system as the business grows. Businesses of all kinds can benefit from cloud ERP and its ability to increase productivity and effectively keep a handle on growth while reducing costs. With cloud based ERP systems like Acumatica, all employees and even authorized third party users can easily utilize the system from anywhere you can connect to internet, enabling you to locate your resources in real time.

Let’s highlight 3 reasons why cloud based ERP systems like Acumatica are ideal for almost any business in any industry.

  1. Cloud ERP won’t break the bank

When many small to mid-size businesses decide that it is time to deploy an ERP system, one of the top criteria is price. Cloud ERP is really affordable, especially systems like Acumatica, that aren’t on a pay-per-user basis. Not only will you not need to cut a big check for Cloud ERP, but the capabilities you gain from deployment will certainly give you the ROI you are looking for. You won’t need to hire any on-site IT experts with a cloud based solution, or pay for costly software upgrades.

  1. You can access Cloud ERP from anywhere with an internet connection

Today’s business environment is evolving, and the days of a rigid 9-5 schedule inside the office are quickly coming to an end. Utilizing ERP that can be accessed from anywhere is key to a business on the go. Acumatica just released an integrated mobile application for tasks on a phone that enables its users to take their work with them, changing what productivity means for business owners in various industries. In addition, Acumatica will work with any tablet including iPad, Surface and Android tablets.

  1. Deploying Cloud ERP is About Features not technical needs

When you don’t have to worry about installing physical software for your ERP system, you can spend time on processes during your ERP deployment. Instead of worrying about the latest operating system, version or when hardware will be delivered you can focus on the business processes and ensuring the system meets the needs of the business.


Obtaining an ERP system on a budget, as well as finding a solution that meets your needs and allows access from any device, anytime make cloud ERP solutions like Acumatica the ideal enterprise resource planning system for businesses across a variety of industries. If you are curious as to how a cloud based ERP system could impact your business and fit into your needs, we would be happy to set up a consultation. Reach out to us at Logan Consulting, a Chicago based cloud ERP provider.

by Logan Consulting

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