Microsoft Dynamics NAV Statement of Direction-Product Strategy and Roadmap

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Statement of Direction-Product Strategy and Roadmap

Welcome to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Statement of Direction. This document will provide insight into our Microsoft Dynamics NAV development plans through the year 2015. Whether you are a new or existing customer or partner, this information will help you plan and get the most from your investments.

Smart mid-sized businesses thrive on change. Their ability to compete with larger organizations relies on maintaining a higher level of customer focus which in turn requires greater agility.

In driving change within your business, you play a key role in defining the direction in which you want the business to go, and in helping your people to embrace it. However your ability to implement change effectively will be largely determined by the business systems that your people use.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a highly functional, flexible, affordable business solution that is designed to:

  • Give you greater control over the key decisions that affect the success of your business, making sure that the right people are equipped with the right information and use it to make the right decisions.
  • Enhance your margins - reducing transaction costs and increasing your focus on the most profitable customers, products, and services 
  • Support the changing needs of your business as you drive profitable growth by expanding into new opportunities.

Simplicity, Value, and Agility

Microsoft Dynamics NAV achieves these objectives through:

  • Simplicity. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is familiar to your people, so it’s easy to understand and use. It also leverages existing technology investments.
  • Value. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be configured quickly to support your business needs – using one of the packaged solutions that our Partners provide, or using the standard tools that we offer.
  • Agility. As your business needs change - Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be quickly and cost effectively modified to support different business processes. As your IT strategy changes – Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers you choices about the way that you want to deploy it.

Recent research has highlighted why these values are so important. For example, the Info-Tech Research Group suggests that organizations should expect to spend about one percent of annual revenues when replacing their ERP systems. The cost includes hardware and software, in addition to internal and external project costs. Of that one percent, the costs are broken down as follows:

  • Project staff: 40%
  • Consulting & services: 25%
  • Internal costs: 10%
  • Transition & training: 15%
  • Software: 5%
  • Hardware: 5%

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been always been designed to be fast to implement, easy to customize, and simple to use. Microsoft is committed to working hard to further enhance Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We have ambitious development objectives, and we are committed to helping our customers drive costs down and get value faster.

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