Chasing Efficiency with the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler

Chasing Efficiency with the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler

Production scheduling is no easy job. You need to match production orders to available machine times, required materials, and a few other variables. An ERP, like Microsoft Dynamics, is perfect for gathering the master data and information you need to start scheduling.

The issues being two:

1. Business Central displays all information within tables. There are a great search field and filter functionality on top that eases the data hunt. But it would be simpler to see it in one view. Who hasn’t heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”?

2. Business Central offers a comprehensive and potent MRP engine, which supports the general material requirements planning process. On top of this, Business Central does basic time scheduling for production orders. However, it truly falls short when it comes to proper finite capacity scheduling.

Learn from this whitepaper how you can solve both issues with advanced visual production scheduling – and gain efficiency for your shop.

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