25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Do you think that ERP software is only for managing debits and credits? Are you looking for strategic ways to get more value from your current ERP system?

This white paper highlights 25 ways real companies are using their Microsoft Dynamics ERP system to outsmart and outpace their competition. Supporting new sales channels, analyzing operations and results, automating compliance are just a few examples of the ways that these organizations win big. 

Twenty one authors submitted entries from a variety of industries including a food manufacturer, an engineering firm, a restaurant chain, a movie studio, a physician's clinic, a non-profit, a correctional facility, an office supply distributor and many more. Each example of increased productivity is connected to the way it builds their competitive advantage.

Download this insightful and engaging white paper to spark your own brilliant ideas.

"This paper actually gives specific, easily understood examples of how ERP can be advantageously utilized. While the requirements of every company are unique, it helps us understand that competitive excellence can be achieved through a joint dedication of users and their software partners."

- Charles Chewning, Publisher

The Accounting Library

"Finding the right business solution is not about feature comparisons or the lowest price. It’s about value that delivers a competitive advantage. This great white paper highlights 25 compelling stories of the tangible benefits…the competitive advantage…gained by businesses who have bet their success on Microsoft Dynamics."

-Jason Carter, Editor



Bonus: Audio Version (MP3) Included

Bonus: Audio Version (MP3) Included

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We invite you to download this practical yet easy to read white paper to find inspiration for your own business.

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