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Updated March 2021 - Replaces all previous terms and conditions agreed to by members of blogs owned by ERP Blog LLC and its predecessor companies.

The term “us” or “we” or “blog owner” refers to the owner of this website – ERP Blog LLC. The term “you” or “blog member” or "author" refers to the members of our website who write posts on the site.  Any reference to "website" refers to the ERP Software Blog (erpsoftwareblog.com), the CRM Software Blog (crmsoftwareblog.com) or the ERP Cloud Blog (erpsoftwareblog.com/cloud/)

ERP Blog LLC is a Pennsylvania LLC

Send correspondence to:
1906 Chestnut Circle Ardmore PA.
Phone: 888-800-0999
email: info@erpsoftwareblog.com

These terms form a binding agreement between the blog and its members. Some of these terms limit the liability of the blog owners please read these terms and conditions carefully.

By continuing to be listed as an author/member of this website you are agreeing to comply with the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our Privacy Policy, govern the Blog Owners' relationship with members/authors in relation to this website.

If an agent or contractor for the blog member accepts the terms of this document, they (the agent or contractor) are responsible for forwarding these terms for approval to the member.

The following terms form a binding agreement between the blog owner and the blog members and some of these terms limit the liability of the blog owners. The terms of this agreement may change from time to time and you will be notified of changes via email. The remedy for any disputes will always be the termination of the relationship of the blog owner and the member with the member’s post remaining on the blog(s) if that member requests that they remain and if the blog owner agrees to have them remain.

The owner of the blog always retains the right to remove member/author content for the following reasons: 1. A cease and desist letter has been received or complaint received from third parties claiming inaccuracies in a blog post (whether or not those claims are valid). 2. Member has quit or has been removed from the blog for non-payment, non-compliance, or any other dispute that cannot be resolved amicably. 3. Member quit the blog under amicable circumstances and a new blog member took their former geographic territory and the new member wants the old member’s content removed from the site.


1)   Member Commitments:

  • Members agree to pay a monthly membership fee, which may change at any time with 30 days advanced written notice from the blog owners. Members will continue to be billed monthly until a cancellation request is submitted in writing.
  • Members will comply with the privacy policy  of this website and will abide by local laws that govern the capture and storage of site visitor data.
  • We recommend that each blog member contribute a minimum of 1 well-written blog post per month, focused on the specified blog target audience.
  • Content submitted must be unique (not plagiarized) unless properly attributed to original sources. Members assume full responsibility for issues related to plagiarized content or copyright violations including statutory penalties levied for use of photos or other images without permission of the photo or image owners.  This website is safe-harbored by The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).  Please see review our copyright policy. for more details.
  • Members are responsible for keeping a backup copy of their own content.
  • The blog owners have the discretionary right to modify, suspend or interrupt the website services, change the content of the website, add/remove any feature of the blog.
  • The blog owner also has the discretionary right to limit, suspend or revoke member access to portions of the website anytime.
  • The blog member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the blog owner of all claims, actions, obligations, liabilities, damages, losses, and judgments, including any incidental costs and expenses, arising out of or attributed, directly or indirectly, to the written materials or other media posted to the blog by you, the member.
  • Member agrees that any info supplied by the Blog Owners shall be confidential and may not be used at any time without prior authorization from Blog Owners.  Such confidential information shall include, but not be limited to, website design, documentation, research, procedures, training, strategies, development plans, statistics, and other technical, business, operating, and financial information.

2)   Blog Owner Commitments:

  • The membership fees will be used in part for site design/maintenance/upgrades, project administration and SEO consulting, funds left over will be distributed to the owners of ERP Blog LLC.
  • Every member will be provided with login credentials for the blog.
  • The blog owner may provide training and personalized assistance for writing content and posting to blog.
  • The blog owner may review, reject, or edit blog posts to ensure writing and formatting quality.
  • “Leads” generated from the blog site may be forwarded to members. (“lead” is defined as contact information for someone requesting information/downloads from the blog).
  • The blog owner will set up and maintain necessary features to optimize the blog site for maximum SEO benefits.
  • The blog owner is responsible for site hosting, site design backup (member content backup not included) and also providing web traffic statistics of the concerned blog site.
  • The blog owners have the discretionary right to modify, suspend, or interrupt the website services, change the content of the website, add/remove any feature of the blog.

3)   Cancellation of Membership

  • Members not fulfilling commitments to the blog will be given a 30-day warning. If no progress is made, the member will be asked to leave the group blog. A final decision will be made by site owners.
  • If the main contact at a member organization leaves the organization, the concerned organization has the first option to appoint a new contact and continue membership. If not, the main contact may apply for membership for a new Partner company.
  • In case of an unexpected event that requires the website be shut down and the project discontinued, sufficient notice will be given to members, all content will be returned, and any funds paid in advance will be returned.
  • Upon request, the blog owner can remove any member’s content from the site for free if that member has been a member of the blog for more than six months, otherwise, the charge to remove the posts will be billed at $20 dollars per blog website.
  • If a member would like copies of all of their blog posts from this blog migrated to another blog the blog owner will provide an XML export file for a charge of $120 plus $5 per post exported using the WordPress.org export function detailed on this page: https://codex.wordpress.org/Tools_Export_SubPanel . The blog owner makes no guarantee that the export of data will be in a format that will be used for import into any other platform.
  • The blog has a right to publish a former member's previously published content unless requested by the member to remove the content.  The blog owners may choose to remove embedded links within the previous member's content so that current or future members may build links on the same keywords.

4)   Other

  • Membership terms and conditions are subject to change.
  • SEO advice provided by the blog owners during training calls is not guaranteed or warranted.
  • The blog owners may advertise other products and services, sell leads, or generate revenue for the blog owners with blog traffic that lands on the site because of members' written contributions to the site.
  • The blog owners are not responsible for changes in website rankings or Internet visibility of the blog or its member’s sites, even in the event that a change in the ranking or visibility of a member site is determined to be caused in part or in whole by the member site’s relationship with the blog.
  • No guarantees are made by blog owners regarding the success of the blog, blog traffic, lead quantity, or lead quality.
  • Blog owners reserve the right to delete any content which the blog, acting at its sole discretion, deems inappropriate or inaccurate.
  • Members grant the blog the perpetual right to syndicate the content or excerpts of the content to other internet sites and electronic media.
  • The Blog has the perpetual right to use excerpts of content, writers’ names, company names and site statistics in any material created to promote the website in any manner.
  • In the event of any dispute arising from this agreement, the parties agree to seek resolution through good faith mediation and or arbitration prior to seeking recourse through the courts.
  • This agreement and Terms and Conditions set forth the entire agreement between the members and the blog owners and supersedes all prior and written or oral agreements.
  • The blog owners may provide writing services for a fee to members. Members paying for these services will be responsible for proofreading and reviewing the content for errors and ommissions and will be solely responsible for the content created.
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