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Dynamic Budgets is a budgeting, forecasting, and reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP and BC, an alternative to Excel worksheet budgeting and a replacement for Microsoft Forecaster. Dynamic Budgets is first and foremost a budgeting solution with real-time reporting features. The software was developed by a GP customer who was frustrated that other budget solutions were too painful to manage, too complicated for end-users to use, and too expensive to purchase. Dynamic Budgets installs in 1-2 hours, and customers can launch their first budgets within a week--with just 5 hours of setup and training. Why bother evaluating cumbersome-to-manage CPM products which require 100-200 hours to configure? Dynamic Budgets makes powerful budgeting easy!

Dynamic Budgets offers numerous data entry styles including annual inputs, monthly inputs, itemized entries, driver-based formulas, and worksheet-style entry. Modules and Key Features include detailed payroll, allocations, forecasting, fixed assets/capex, project costing, budget reallocations (for use in PO encumbrance), remaining to spend reporting, custom worksheet entry, custom reporting, and more. Lookup values from Dynamics GP vendors, actuals, fixed assets, POs, etc. in real-time and bring them back into Dynamic Budgets!

Dynamic Budgets works with large, recognized entities across diverse customer segments such as professional sports, healthcare, hospitality, franchise operations, nonprofits, faith organizations, and others. Contact us today for a personal demo, or visit our website for an on-demand video. Email us at info@DynamicBudgets.com or 650-332-6651 for more information on how we can help you today.

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