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Sabre Limited

Welcome to Sabre Limited. Our business is all about helping and consulting with Manufacturing firms and Print Manufacturers to improve their organizations through better technology. We sell, implement, and provide training on the Microsoft Dynamics product line, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV), Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and PrintVIS. We have been implementing ERP in the manufacturing space in South Western Ontario since 1998 when we began helping companies with failed implementations of Visual Manufacturing ERP. Since then we have become experts with the Dynamics line and PrintVIS, continuing to help struggling companies with their software.

Who We Are

Sabre Limited was founded in 1998 to help small and medium manufacturing and print manufacturing companies get the most out of their ERP and MIS software.  We are a team of dedicated ERP and MIS professionals based out of Cambridge, Ontario, and selected by Microsoft to be their “go-to” manufacturing partner for Dynamics 365 Business Central and PrintVIS. The team includes 50 plus years of hands-on manufacturing experience and 50 plus years of ERP implementation.

What We Do

We focus on and are dedicated to making small and medium manufacturing and print manufacturing companies more efficient and more productive with technology. We help take knowledge (our own and yours) and transform that into results you can use to improve your business. 

Our Services

Sabre is a full service, turnkey ERP/MIS provider – offering everything from the computer equipment for your new ERP to the ongoing support and services after you’re live. We offer training services for your ERP solution and bring a background in Six Sigma and LEAN consulting to the table for customers who wish to go beyond the standard ERP “training-only” type engagement.

Our Major Services

Installation and Migration: Installation of Dynamics 365 Business Central or PrintVIS and migration of data from your old system to the new product.

Configuration and Customization: Addition of new fields, changes to reports, configuration of system settings, and complete custom additions.

Consulting: Review of your business processes and recommendations of new or better ways to proceed – based Six Sigma and LEAN Principles, applied to ERP/MIS.

Training: Remote end-to-end training on the new system, including hands-on at your own computers in a remote “classroom” style.

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