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Crestwood Associates LLC

About Crestwood Associates

Crestwood Associates was founded in 1998 by Tim Thompson and Brian McGuckin, two Ernst & Young professionals with an ambitious mission to help transform business operations for small to mid-market organizations.

With key insights learned while serving the Fortune 500, Tim and Brian launched Crestwood Associates as a two-person operation located in the basement of a Chicago apartment building. For more than 24 years, Crestwood has continued to grow, innovate, and transform into a leading provider in accounting and business management solutions.

A trusted advisor, Crestwood accelerates business efficiencies through software and process solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), eCommerce, and Cloud Hosting.

At the foundation of Crestwood’s ongoing success, Tim and Brian recognize it’s the team who creates a strong and long-running organization. Cultural fit, unique abilities, and the energy to “get it, want it, and have capacity to do it” make up the secret sauce of the Crestwood Crew.

What we Do:

  1. Full ERP LifeCycle Support: Implementation, project planning and management, go-live training, and ongoing support
  2. Consulting Services: Functional and technical teams of certified professionals enabling you to be self-sufficient in the operation of critical business applications
  3. Development and Customization: In-house team of developers provide custom solutions to fit the unique needs of any business
  4. Hosting and Cloud Hosting: The Crestwood Cloud is personal, giving you a complete solution for your business with the power, reliability, and security of Microsoft Azure
  5. Ongoing Dedicated Support: In-house support team, virtual and onsite as necessary, easily accessible for troubleshooting needs

For more information about Crestwood or ERP Solutions visit our website: www.crestwood.com or schedule a consultation today: https://www.crestwood.com/services/consultation-request/

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