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Before You Buy! 10 Questions To Ask Your Cloud Vendor

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Before You Buy! 10 Questions To Ask Your Cloud Vendor

Cloud Computing is a hot topic these days, engendering widespread interest from CEOs,CFOs and CIOs who are curious about this new paradigm shift and want to know how it will impact their business. This widespread interest has brought forth two camps, the cloud computing evangelists who hype its benefits and the fear mongering traditionalists whose business models are now at stake. Although cloud computing can lead to tremendous cost savings, with no IT infrastructure to manage or maintain, many fear losing control of their data, which is in the hands of third party providers. This whitepaper will offer a strategic introduction to cloud computing, discuss its benefits and point out potential concerns. If you are looking to move to cloud computing, this paper will also provide a set of questions you should ask your cloud vendor so you can better understand its impact on your organization and help you avoid possible pitfalls.

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