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Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Nonprofit Finances: 5 Reasons to Invest in Good Accounting Software

As any fiction writer will tell you, there’s a lot to learn from make-believe. What is life if not a series of stories, each with its own setting, characters, problems, climax, and solution? With this in mind, take a moment, relax a little, and fire up the nerdy side of your brain. Today I’m going […]

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ERP System Selection – Critical Ingredients for Systems Documentation

Selecting an ERP system is a daunting task. However, there is a recipe to ensure success when choosing a new ERP, or enterprise resource planning, software system. One of the critical ingredients in that recipe is system requirements.   When done correctly, documenting system requirements can provide many benefits. For example, it can maintain structure […]

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Compare Multi-Entity Management – Intacct versus Microsoft Dynamics GP

Are you managing multiple companies in one accounting system? Microsoft Dynamics GP includes unlimited companies (entities). Intacct includes one single entity with the ability to add unlimited, additional entities for a small, per-entity fee. Single vs. Multiple Databases Microsoft Dynamics GP creates an additional database for each additional entity (company) and you have to log […]

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Recipe for Success – Choosing Your ERP Software

In a previous blog, we discussed how you can tell if your software system needs to be replaced. So if you've decided that you want to replace the software system at your company, here’s the recipe for successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection.   Software Selection is a Journey Selecting the right ERP software solution […]

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How to Tell If Your Accounting Software System Needs to Be Replaced

Have you often wondered if your accounting software system needs to be replaced? Here are some common signs that can help you recognize it might be time. Age of the Accounting Software System Accounting software typically has a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. As it becomes more dated, it becomes costlier to update, more […]

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5 Ways Finance Falls Behind in the Technology Race and How to Move Ahead

Let’s face the facts. Modern cloud-based ERP systems are the wave of the future. Why? Because their benefits outrun on-premise options. One major advantage is that a true cloud system ensures ongoing, regular, and non-disruptive innovation. For example, with a cloud ERP system like Intacct, upgrades and improvements come every quarter without major headaches for […]

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RG Connect 2016

The Resource Group will host their 16th Annual Customer Conference for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Intacct clients on Friday, May 13, 2016. The theme for this year's event is "Breakthrough to Excellence." Our day-long conference is designed to help our clients use technology, software and innovation to achieve business success. RG Connect 2016 will feature more than 20 sessions throughout the day focusing on how to utilize your existing solution to its fullest, gain more efficiency in your business processes and help you get to the information you need each day.

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Why Fast-Growth and Start-Up Companies Are Choosing the Cloud for Financial and Accounting Software

Over the past 28 years, The Resource Group has seen a lot of changes in financial and accounting software solutions. One of the biggest we’ve seen has been the offering of cloud- and SaaS-based accounting software solutions. In fact, a recent survey shows that more than 50% of organizations looking to buy an enterprise resource […]

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Why a Cloud-Based ERP Solution is Right for Your Organization

It’s no surprise that cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution implementations are on the rise. A recent survey shows that more than 50% of organizations looking to buy an ERP solution in 2016 plan to go with a cloud-based platform. There are two important factors contributing to the rise in cloud-based ERP implementations – better […]

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3 Things that Differentiate Intacct from Other ERP Solutions

Transitioning to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a big decision for any company. With so many options it’s important to make sure your new system will provide your company with the tools to handle your current business needs and offer the scalability to manage future growth. If you are looking to make […]

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