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ERP Product Comparison: Acumatica vs. Dynamics GP, Intacct & NetSuite

Four of the top players in the ERP world today are: Acumatica, Dynamics GP, Intacct and NetSuite. All of them offer important features needed for businesses to run every day. The dissection of each is a must to see which one will suit your specific needs. The small details add up to the overall picture […]

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ERP Comparison Matrix: Compare for Top Options Side-By-Side

Whether it’s your first time or your fifth, choosing an ERP for your business is a difficult job. There are so many factors to consider and options to choose from, it is not uncommon to spend weeks or even months on the research process. And as any good ERP shopper will tell you, the first […]

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Acumatica vs. Sage Intacct: Be Sure Your Cloud Accounting Solution Is a Good Fit for You

Making use of cloud technology gives your company the flexibility you need and eliminates some common drawbacks of traditional accounting systems.   Cloud accounting solutions are becoming the mainstream for today’s businesses, and for good reasons. But after you’ve read about the advantages of cloud accounting solutions, how do you decide which one to buy? […]

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Timecards and Timesheets for Sage Intacct Users

"Where did the time go?" you might find yourself wondering at the end of the workday. Time flying by while you're at work isn't such a bad problem to have. After all, time flies when you're having fun. However, ensuring that you and your team stay productive can be a problem. The tracking tools in […]

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4 Financial Concerns of Biotech Companies and How to Conquer Them with Cloud Technology

Biotech companies have made incredible contributions to our society, from tools that enable less-invasive surgery and faster recovery to drugs that save and enhance lives. However, running a biotech company is more than science and engineering. Financial accounting is required, a reality that brings unique challenges. Flexible cloud technology combined with the strength of modern financial […]

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3 Ways Software Companies Can Achieve Compliance with Sage Intacct

How SaaS Companies Can Master Revenue Recognition and Compliance with Sage Intacct For private companies, the compliance deadline for ASC 606 revenue recognition criteria is mere weeks away—starting fiscal year 2019 (or after December 15, 2018). Subscription-based business such as SaaS companies may be feeling some trepidation as the time nears. And no wonder. ASC 606 has been […]

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Your On-Premises System is Killing Your Close Time

The year-end close is known as a necessary evil in accounting. But does it have to be? Even in the relatively stable world of accounting, the process of the year-end close, even for mid-sized businesses, has gone through a transformation. As technology automates processes the need for a faster year-end close has exploded, all while maintaining […]

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Reporting Horror Stories: Manual Data Entry Woes

This post can originally be found on Massey Consulting's blog page. We all strive for perfection, especially when it comes to our financials. Outdated and on-premises systems that at one time were life savers, now are growing liabilities for today’s modern businesses. Outdated reporting systems can wreak havoc on your data accuracy, productivity, and your […]

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Looking for a Potential Accounting Software? 5 Questions You Need to Ask

This post can originally be found on Massey Consulting's blog page. If your current financial management solution is starting to create productivity issues, it might be time to move on. Before you do, consider these questions to ask first. 1. What kind of benefit can we get from cloud accounting? The cloud offers anytime/anywhere accessibility. […]

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Biotech Companies: Prepare to Scale with Cloud Technology

This post can originally be found on Massey Consulting's website. Essential Financial Management Practices of Biotech Companies – A 5-Part Series Prepare to scale with cloud technology The growth trajectory for biotech companies is unique – years of research followed by fast expansion with the success of a product.  Cloud technology is well-suited to scale […]

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