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Netsuite the Right Choice for Burkett Restaurant Equipment

Burkett Restaurant Equipment, a restaurant equipment distributor based in Toledo, Ohio, were facing a problem many equipment distribution organizations face. They were having trouble integrating their diverse systems, and facing widespread inefficiency, as well as a lack of data visibility. In search of a solution, Burkett partnered with Socius to find the perfect fit for […]

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Restaurant Equipment Distributors are Finding Successful Solutions with OmniChannel Commerce

Restaurants around the world are creating fantastic meals and eating experiences for hungry customers. Whether it is a new restaurant opening its doors for the first time, or an existing one that is expanding its operations, these commercial establishments need the best equipment that can handle the daily wear and tear of making meals, cleaning […]

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Why Buy NetSuite from a VAR?

Finding business solutions, such as NetSuite, the cloud ERP and CRM package, can be a difficult and complicated task for any business. Once you settle on the right software, copious questions remain. How many user licenses will you need? How will implementation go? These questions can be daunting, which is why top businesses tend to […]

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Is Your Service-Oriented Business Data Safer in the Cloud?

Competition in the business world is always fierce, for service companies especially so.  Any edge, no matter how slight, has to be capitalized on. One area a company can make big strides is in data security.  Often overlooked, data security is, or should be, a real concern for any organization, particularly one that stores large […]

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Key Considerations when Moving to Cloud ERP

More and more companies are choosing to move to a cloud-based ERP solution. It is a big decision, and there are several factors to consider when deciding if it is right for your organization. The first step, however, should be determining just how “cloud” you already are. Seeing how many functions within your organization already […]

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How NetSuite Enables Transparency in Advertising and Marketing Agencies

When it comes to ad and marketing agencies being able to optimize internal transparency, it is especially important to take advantage of today's software advancements. NetSuite is a cloud software system that easily integrates with your current operations, directing transparency toward your clients, allowing you to develop deeper, long-lasting relationships with them. Discover how to […]

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5 Ways Cloud ERP Can Help Finance Leaders Build an Ideal Business

Cloud enterprise resource planning is valuable for any business interested in creating a contained, accessible and scalable infrastructure as they grow. Finance leaders can use cloud-based ERP to help them improve productivity and manage growth while also reducing their overhead costs. With impressive ease of access and the ability to allocate new resources on demand, cloud services […]

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