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How Sony Music (+2 Others) Pulled AMEX Charges Into Their Expense Reports On Dynamics

For many companies, it would be ideal to bring credit card charges into their expense reports. The idea is that employees should be able to use their company or corporate credit cards to easily create expense reports. However, this can be a challenge for many expense vendors because of the complexity. For instance, Sony Music […]

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2019 Leave Tracking Must-Dos For Finance And Operations In MS Dynamics

2019 PTO/Leave Tracking Must-Dos For Finance And Operations In MS Dynamics The leave management world has become very complex for mid-size and enterprise companies. This is true also for finance and operations admins who use MS Dynamics. That’s because leave laws have changed. In addition, employees need to understand and take their leave more than […]

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3 P-Card Pitfalls for MS Dynamics Users To Avoid

If your company uses P-Cards to manage purchases, you're not alone. Many P-Card programs have been around for a long time. The concept of pre-approving expenses only from a particular category is not new. That means that many programs are behind because they don't get updated. These older P-Card programs are probably great at automating […]

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