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Grow as You Go – Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud will Grow with You

If yours is a growing business, you know how important scalability is. You can’t tell exactly how large your business will become or what solutions you will need down the road. That is why it is important for you to have a financial system that can grow with you and accommodate any future needs, increasing […]

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The Ultimate Cloud ERP for 2016

Cloud ERP 2016: If you're looking for the ultimate cloud ERP for next year, you need look no further. We have got the ultimate ideas on this subject for 2016. The mobility of cloud ERP has several advantages. The only thing cloud ERP requires is an Internet connection. Any business with employees that work remotely […]

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Stop Wasting Time With Manual Bank Reconciliations

Every month, businesses receive bank statements which often initiates a tedious, time-consuming reconciliation process.  Line after line, someone needs to manually check the data between the statement and the general ledger.  Not only is this manual process fraught with the risk for data errors, it is distracting your accounting team from other important tasks.  Add […]

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Control You Can Count On – SAAS or Cloud?

In the study ‘The Pros and Cons of SAAS ERP’, Mint Jutras discusses the terminology confusion behind the question, ‘Is it “SAAS” or is it “CLOUD”?’. For many, “SAAS” and “Cloud” mean the same thing. However, there are some important differences but let’s clarify the two up front: “Cloud” refers to using a network hosted […]

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How Much Does ERP Software in the Cloud Cost?

View our free webinars  Take our free ERP Assessment Download a FREE Demo When investing in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, cost is always one of the first considerations that comes to mind. According to a study conducted by Software Advice, which helps buyers connect with software vendors, a number of factors come into […]

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Get Your Head Out of the Clouds: 3 Reasons to Consider Switching to Hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP

View our free webinars  Take our free ERP Assessment Download a FREE Demo Contemplating the security of your company’s data or server backups may make you want to just keep your head in the clouds. When deciding between going hosted or on-premise for your ERP system, there is much to be considered. However, going hosted […]

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43 Questions You Must Ask Before Hosting Dynamics GP Online

Are you confused by the options and costs for hosting Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud? A distinct advantage of Microsoft Dynamics GP is that you have the choice to deploy it in the traditional “on premise” method OR the now popular “in the cloud” option. This means you can change the way you access […]

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WebSan Solutions Inc. Raises The Bar By Offering Microsoft Dynamics GP On Any Tablet Device

WebSan Solutions, the largest Canadian Cloud Dynamics partner, offers users the ability to access Dynamics GP on a tablet. Customers now have an alternative way to access and create accounting transactions, without having to log in through their desktop computers. “We see this as a natural extension of our Cloud Dynamics offerings. No other partner […]

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