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How Sony Music (+2 Others) Pulled AMEX Charges Into Their Expense Reports On Dynamics

For many companies, it would be ideal to bring credit card charges into their expense reports. The idea is that employees should be able to use their company or corporate credit cards to easily create expense reports. However, this can be a challenge for many expense vendors because of the complexity. For instance, Sony Music […]

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4 Ways NetSuite Users Can Benefit From Nonprofit Per Diem Management

Nonprofit organizations can get the most from their resources by using NetSuite. However, we've seen many nonprofits struggle to manage complex expense reporting. So, our suggestion is to use per diems, which translates literally to “per day.” This means that nonprofit employees and contractors (or volunteers) are reimbursed based on a daily rate instead of […]

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3 P-Card Pitfalls for MS Dynamics Users To Avoid

If your company uses P-Cards to manage purchases, you're not alone. Many P-Card programs have been around for a long time. The concept of pre-approving expenses only from a particular category is not new. That means that many programs are behind because they don't get updated. These older P-Card programs are probably great at automating […]

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Top 5 Expense Report Capabilities in Dynamics GP for Government & USAID Contractors

Top 5 Expense Report Capabilities in Dynamics GP for Government & USAID Contractors Government contractors and USAID contractors have one-of-a-kind requirements. This is particularly true when it comes to having certain expense report capabilities in Dynamics GP. The challenge is that federal organizations need to be transparent. Plus, they need to provide details of that […]

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Travel Policy For MS Dynamics NAV Users

Managing travel can come as an unexpected challenge. That's because you can't think of every possible one-off situation. Even the most experienced, most creative travel policy writer in the universe can't foresee the crazy things that business travelers might encounter or come up with. It's a good thing that there are resources out there for […]

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Why Automate Time & Expense Reporting in MS Dynamics SL?

MS Dynamics SL provides essential software for managing your business. However, since no single software is perfect on its own, it’s a good idea to look for third-party add-ons that can solve your most pressing business challenges through automation.  Why should you automate your timesheets and expense reporting? Ask anyone in your company if they […]

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Expense Reporting Made Easy

In the American version of “The Office”,  you might remember how Dunder-Mifflin Regional Manager, Michael Scott, absolutely detested the branch’s human resources representative, Toby Flenderson. With no apparent reason for hating Toby, some viewers would wonder what caused it. Unfortunately, the events leading up to rivalry were never revealed, but perhaps the answer was right in […]

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