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Surprising Price of Outdated ERP

Sure, hanging onto your current ERP, even when doesn’t fit all your business needs perfectly might seem like the simplest and cheapest option. However, what many people don’t realize is there are a lot of hidden costs which pile up if you keep your software past its prime. Because it‘s critical to your business operations and touches […]

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Outgrowing Your Accounting Software? Why Upgrade to Dynamics 365.

When your business was small and just starting out, you managed your accounting with spreadsheets or an entry level software program like QuickBooks, Peachtree or something similar. But your business has grown a lot since then. That’s great! Having a booming business is a dream come true. However, let me ask you a quick question. […]

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Where’s the Danger in a Delayed ERP Upgrade?

There are lots of reasons why organizations delay an ERP upgrade or the purchase of a new system. A couple of the main ones we hear most often are: My company is too small for ERP system We have been functioning fine for X number of years without one We can’t afford that kind of […]

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Five Ways to Tell If It’s Time for an ERP System Replacement

Your ERP system is the lifeblood of your business. You depend on it to do a variety of tasks every day, including managing your finances, projects, inventory, human resources and more. But like any technology, ERP systems are constantly advancing, and eventually do reach a point when their age begins to affect their usefulness. If […]

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Acumatica ERP Announces New Bundles

Clients First, along with a number of other companies all flew to sunny San Diego for the 3rd annual Acumatica conference. The Summit was a 6-day information fest in which both partners and customers alike get an update on the progress Acumatica has made over the past year as well as what changes can be […]

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15 Red Flag Stories to Save You Accounting Software Pain

Let me tell you a Red Flag story. There are 15 of them. And just like the famous Aesop stories, each Red Flag story has a moral at the end. Only these stories are not made up. They are all true, and they all have the same moral for businesses: Don’t put off your ERP […]

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