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Dynamics GP Hosting Versus on Premise Deployment: a Cost Comparison

With so many people working from home these days, Dynamics GP cloud hosting has never been more popular. And, out of all the questions we’ve gotten from potential hosting clients over these last months, a couple come up more often than any other: How does the cost compare to traditional deployments? Is it secure?   […]

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[Video] How to Calculate the True Cost of a New ERP

If you have an accounting or ERP system, that’s reached a certain age, it’s natural to wonder whether to keep the status quo or replace it with something new. As your software ages and your business grows, issues can pop up which at may at first seem like slightly annoying idiosyncrasies. But, as one issue […]

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Surprising Price of Outdated ERP

Sure, hanging onto your current ERP, even when doesn’t fit all your business needs perfectly might seem like the simplest and cheapest option. However, what many people don’t realize is there are a lot of hidden costs which pile up if you keep your software past its prime. Because it‘s critical to your business operations and touches […]

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Where’s the Danger in a Delayed ERP Upgrade?

There are lots of reasons why organizations delay an ERP upgrade or the purchase of a new system. A couple of the main ones we hear most often are: My company is too small for ERP system We have been functioning fine for X number of years without one We can’t afford that kind of […]

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5 Hidden Costs to Include If You Want Your ERP Budget to Be a Realistic One

So, you have decided to buy a new ERP system and are now gathering quotes, or already have them in hand. The next thing you’ll want to do is make sure that you have accurately budgeted for the purchase and implementation of your new software system. When drawing up an ERP budget, there are many […]

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NetSuite’s Cloud ERP: Part of Today’s $43B Investments in Cloud Computing

  By itself, the figure is impressive, but the fact that 78% of small businesses will be using the cloud by 2020 is even more astounding in the dollars it represents: cloud computing will spike to $55B in 2016 from $43B this year, according to Forbes overview on “small and medium business cloud computing.” One […]

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How Much Does ERP Software in the Cloud Cost?

View our free webinars  Take our free ERP Assessment Download a FREE Demo When investing in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, cost is always one of the first considerations that comes to mind. According to a study conducted by Software Advice, which helps buyers connect with software vendors, a number of factors come into […]

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