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Choosing the Right Partner for Your ERP Implementation (and Beyond)

  Congratulations! Your company has grown consistently for the last 2-5 years and your brand, products, and services are growing by leaps and bounds. The next step in taking your business where you want to go is replacing your existing legacy ERP solution to support your rapidly changing business model. Many companies have never gone […]

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5 Tricks to Keeping ERP Costs Down

If you read my previous blog (Why ERP Implementation Costs are so Wrong) you will have read my take on ERP implementation Cost (especially with Manufacturing ERP) overruns. To borrow from Bill Clinton, “It’s the process, stupid!” So how do you, as a customer go about fixing this problem? You can’t really dictate the process. […]

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4 Ways to Sabotage Your Dynamics GP Implementation

Of course you are not thinking of sabotaging your Dynamics GP implementation. Who would do that? But by ignoring some obvious minefields, you may just find that you have blown up the project. Forewarned is forearmed; watch out for these danger signs: 1) Demanding a fixed fee implementation Of course the ideal would be to […]

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NetSuite’s Cloud ERP: Part of Today’s $43B Investments in Cloud Computing

  By itself, the figure is impressive, but the fact that 78% of small businesses will be using the cloud by 2020 is even more astounding in the dollars it represents: cloud computing will spike to $55B in 2016 from $43B this year, according to Forbes overview on “small and medium business cloud computing.” One […]

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A Lesson Learned from Hershey’s Failed ERP Implementation

According to a Software Advice survey 66% of businesses looking to invest in an ERP system are not currently using one. That’s a lot of potential ERP buyers without experience in choosing or implementing a system that will be at the heart of their business. Hershey is a major corporation that made a switch from […]

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