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Microsoft OneDrive, The Solution to our Collaboration Issues

As many companies do, Crestwood has regular company-wide calls that are attended by all our employees around the country. The centerpiece of this call is a single PowerPoint presentation. However, as each department worked on their respective slides, we were finding that dozens of different copies were being created, changes weren’t being saved, outdated versions […]

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From Nightmare to Triumph – Disaster Recovery with the Crestwood Cloud

If you were to be asked at this moment where your backups are, would you be able to answer? Do you know if your ERP system has reliable backups, that has easy access if disaster were to strike? Our intentions are not to scare you, but from past experiences we know it is critical to […]

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What ERP Buyers Want in our Cloud-first World

The ERP landscape has shifted from traditional, on-premise client/server deployments to software-as-a-service (SaaS), ERP in the cloud.  Buyers have realized this shift adds many advantages for their business, including: Scalability Reliability Elasticity Cost Savings Gartner projects huge growth of core ERP systems in the cloud by 2025.  IT leaders also say maintaining software, hardware and […]

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How To Manage Contractor Timesheets And Expense Reports In MS Dynamics

Working with independent contractors can be helpful for businesses of all sizes. From the increased flexibility to specialized skills for specific projects, contractors are a popular solution to complex business problems. However, with contractors comes an additional challenge when it comes to how to manage contractor timesheets and expense reports in MS Dynamics. One solution […]

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Committing to the ERP Cloud Part 3: Secure Accounting

In this week’s installment, we are going to cover a topic that is brought up quite a bit and that I touched on slightly in last week’s blog, which you can find here. Most people wonder about the security of the cloud. I ask, what about the security of your current system? How many people have […]

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Committing to the ERP Cloud Part 1: You’re Wasting Money

Cloud computing is taking over the world. It makes life easier, faster, more secure, and less expensive. Still, some people are uncomfortable with the new systems or simply don’t know enough about them to think about switching. In this 4-part blog series, I want to touch on a few points that may make you more […]

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How Cloud ERP is Changing Our Expectations

Once upon a time, before the great recession, companies looked for ERP systems that were as close to a perfect fit for their business as they possibly could find. This search took a massive amount of time, and always involved compromises.  The harsh reality is that virtually no ERP system is a perfect fit. Companies […]

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Does Your Legacy ERP Software Solution Help You Retain Employees?

Technology has moved much of the workforce to want and expect more in their finance job. There is a growing need to shift towards the likes of your staff that embrace technology. Many people are accustomed to devices that help them organize their day, a phone that substitutes as a computer and a watch that […]

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Native and Real Time Integration with SAP Business ByDesign

While ERP integration may have only one definition, it can mean many things. When it comes to ERP systems, nearly every product will talk about its integration. And nearly every product has a different level of integration. Usually, it involves some degree of running overnight updates to batch information between different databases. If you get […]

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Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud

    Microsoft Dynamics GP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that connects the many moving parts of a small to mid-sized organization. Originally developed by Great Plains Software, the Dynamics GP platform was created in Fargo, North Dakota in 1981, and acquired by Microsoft in 2000. Since then Microsoft has continually advanced the Dynamics GP […]

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