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Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations One Version in the Cloud: Whitepaper

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations One Version - What, Why and How   Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations provides many benefits to moving your business to the cloud. The “Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Cloud Application Lifecycle” whitepaper is available below to help with your decision. Let’s review the what, why […]

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3 P-Card Pitfalls for MS Dynamics Users To Avoid

If your company uses P-Cards to manage purchases, you're not alone. Many P-Card programs have been around for a long time. The concept of pre-approving expenses only from a particular category is not new. That means that many programs are behind because they don't get updated. These older P-Card programs are probably great at automating […]

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Complete Guide to Finding the Best ERP for Your Business, Part One: ERP Research

When you realize that your business needs more than just a simple accounting system and spreadsheets, you’re faced with a tricky question. What’s next? Usually, the answer to this question is ERP software. But, you don’t want to pick your ERP at random and implement it without first doing your homework. Finding the best ERP […]

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A Look at Some of the Surprising Numbers behind the Cloud’s Popularity

By now, you’re probably familiar with the major benefits of the cloud. For example:   You can spread the cost of software out over its lifetime rather than paying for it all at once. You no longer must buy and maintain your own hardware. Because updates are done for you, you can reduce spending and […]

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Does Your Legacy ERP Software Solution Help You Retain Employees?

Technology has moved much of the workforce to want and expect more in their finance job. There is a growing need to shift towards the likes of your staff that embrace technology. Many people are accustomed to devices that help them organize their day, a phone that substitutes as a computer and a watch that […]

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Moving IT to the Background with Cloud Computing

Over the past few decades IT departments were the center of business management systems that controlled and supported operations. As technology has moved to the cloud the distraction of servers failing, continuous upgrades, and slow integrations have been removed. Not having to deal with these technical problems allows business managers to focus on outcomes not […]

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Microsoft Azure cloud offers ‘layered defense whenever possible;’ ideal for Dynamics software deployments.

Microsoft Azure cloud offers 'layered defense whenever possible' Pundits and customers alike continually weigh-on the viability of using the cloud for accessing programs to storage of critical programs, files and documents. One of the main concerns is just how secure the cloud is. Do all cloud-hosting companies provide guarantee up times? Is my data in […]

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3 Challenges Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the Cloud Can Help You Defeat

No matter what industry your business operates under, every industry faces the challenge of balancing resources and requirements. With an increase in innovation across all industries the need to have high-speed functionality is a necessity. Businesses need teams capable of collaboration anywhere, with centralized data, and fast reporting in real-time. These three challenges that businesses often face […]

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Cloud Interoperability and Communication

Our first article about cloud interoperability looked about how clouds work and the fact that they operate separately makes having a way for clouds to communicate a necessity. In this article, we are going to take a more technical look at how look into more of the side of how clouds communicate.

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Is Dynamics 365 Replacing Dynamics GP ERP?

The big news from Microsoft in recent months is their cloud-based solution for CRM and ERP. Rolled out at the end of 2016, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a solution particularly marketed to small and mid-sized organizations. Dynamics 365 runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and combines the best of CRM and ERP functionality.   With […]

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