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Reporting Horror Stories: Manual Data Entry Woes

This post can originally be found on Massey Consulting's blog page. We all strive for perfection, especially when it comes to our financials. Outdated and on-premises systems that at one time were life savers, now are growing liabilities for today’s modern businesses. Outdated reporting systems can wreak havoc on your data accuracy, productivity, and your […]

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Looking for a Potential Accounting Software? 5 Questions You Need to Ask

This post can originally be found on Massey Consulting's blog page. If your current financial management solution is starting to create productivity issues, it might be time to move on. Before you do, consider these questions to ask first. 1. What kind of benefit can we get from cloud accounting? The cloud offers anytime/anywhere accessibility. […]

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6 Myths About Cloud Accounting to Debunk

This post originated from Massey Consulting's website and can be found here. For today’s businesses, financial management in the cloud is a natural first step to keeping up with market demands.  However, many companies are resistant to this change for fear of the unknown or talk around the water cooler. As experts in financial management […]

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Multi-Tenancy: Cloud Accounting’s Money Saver

Multi-Tenancy has become a must-have in the cloud ERP space. It saves money, time, and can assure that your systems are consistently up to date. But first I think we need to explain exactly what single and multi-tenancies are. A single-tenancy is your old traditional system. Normally it involves an on-premise system or a single […]

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Cloud Accounting: 5 Reasons Companies Will Make the Shift in 2018

The modern business world is marked by a series of changes, both technological and cultural, that are dizzying in their scale. Think, for example, of accounting capabilities and their evolution in past decades from mainframe to desktop computers. Now, with the advent of cloud software, business accounting is undergoing yet another massive transformation. These shifts […]

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How Sage Intacct Tames the Spreadsheet Monster

There’s no doubt, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online are massively popular accounting solutions for solopreneurs and small businesses. The solutions are inexpensive and easy to navigate – almost all businesses started with QuickBooks. One clue that your company has outgrown QuickBooks is an ever-increasing number of spreadsheets necessary to manage the business.  Spreadsheets to assist in […]

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5 Ways Finance Falls Behind in the Technology Race and How to Move Ahead

Let’s face the facts. Modern cloud-based ERP systems are the wave of the future. Why? Because their benefits outrun on-premise options. One major advantage is that a true cloud system ensures ongoing, regular, and non-disruptive innovation. For example, with a cloud ERP system like Intacct, upgrades and improvements come every quarter without major headaches for […]

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