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Expense Reporting Made Easy

In the American version of “The Office”,  you might remember how Dunder-Mifflin Regional Manager, Michael Scott, absolutely detested the branch’s human resources representative, Toby Flenderson. With no apparent reason for hating Toby, some viewers would wonder what caused it. Unfortunately, the events leading up to rivalry were never revealed, but perhaps the answer was right in […]

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Register for our Field Services Webinar

Acumatica has a new suite called Acumatica Field Services Edition. It is available now for service companies that need both CRM functionality and scheduling automation. This suite cuts the time it takes to correspond between departments; it cuts the time between receipt of service request to job assignment by making it easy to communicate and take action […]

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Acumatica ERP Announces New Bundles

Clients First, along with a number of other companies all flew to sunny San Diego for the 3rd annual Acumatica conference. The Summit was a 6-day information fest in which both partners and customers alike get an update on the progress Acumatica has made over the past year as well as what changes can be […]

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Q&A: What’s New in Acumatica 6?

It’s official! Acumatica 6 has landed on a cloud near you. The wait is over! The latest version of Acumatica was released on Sept. 8 at a conference in Boston and the world of cloud ERP is buzzing! You may not have the time to do all the reading which is why we decided make it easier […]

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Why the Technology Used to Build Acumatica Is Important to Anyone Evaluating ERP Software

Acumatica is an ERP system that was truly built for the future. John Howell, one of the founders of Acumatica who previously wrote Solomon Software now Microsoft Dynamics SL, has a vision.  His vision is that in the next 10 years there is going to be a big push globally for all software to have […]

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