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29 Exciting New Features and Enhancements in Acumatica 2019 R1 with 18 Video Overview Clips

Acumatica 2019 R1 was released on March 19th and it includes 29 new features and usability enhancements divided into three areas: Platform Usability, General Business Application Enhancements, and Industry Specific Enhancements. On the official release overview page Acumatica provided a quick look at what users can expect, along with several videos to learn more. Platform […]

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What’s New in Acumatica Release 6

Acumatica recently released Acumatica 6 in September 2016. The launch event included a packed house of customers, partners, and industry analysts in Boston, MA. A few highlights of Acumatica 6 are stunning dashboards, enhanced CRM and APIs! According to Acumatica Release News here are a few of the main product enhancements included in Acumatica 6: […]

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A Clear Comparison of Cloud ERP vs On-Premise ERP – With Charts

Since 66% of buyers are purchasing a system for the first time, there are a lot of inexperienced professionals out there about to invest in a deployment model that could ruin their company. One decision that has a big impact is the choice to go with a cloud versus on-premise ERP system. Software Advice has […]

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Are the Benefits of Cloud-Based Software a Little Cloudy?

You probably already know the benefits of ERP software. But you may hear a lot about moving your business to the cloud. Is that really a good idea? What's the difference in cost? Is it safe in the cloud? What are the benefits? For many, the answers are, well, cloudy! To clear up the fog, […]

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