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Rockton Connect isn’t your ordinary Acumatica Cloud ERP partner. We believe in keeping things honest, simple and affordable. Advanced ERP development maybe what we’re known for, but what you’ll really love is our one monthly price for implementation, service hours and unlimited support.

Our focus and passion are 100% about helping businesses thrive by connecting people, priorities and processes.

Maybe that’s by designing a new Acumatica system or enhancement for you.

Maybe it’s kicking around ideas on how to get you home faster every day.

Heck, maybe you just need an opinion about a new product name or which shirt makes your eyes pop.

We’re happy to help you in any way we can because we are your partner for life—not just through implementation.

There isn’t much about ERP our team hasn’t seen, fixed, tweaked, streamlined or developed. However, our goal is never to sell you a solution you need to customize the living daylights out of to make it work for your business. Acumatica is a powerful, flexible ERP solution out of the box and you can count on us to make sure it’s a fit from day one—not 542 customizations and thousands of dollars later.

The Rockton Connect team has enabled hundreds of companies across numerous industries  work simpler and easier®.

A few ways we can help you are:

  • Acumatica implementations
  • Acumatica customizations
  • Acumatica ERP services and support
  • Migrating on-premise ERP to Acumatica ERP
  • Migrating QuickBooks to Acumatica
  • Custom development
  • Distribution industry solutions

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