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Our number one focus and priority at Express Information Systems, after 25 years in business, is still our clients. Doing what is right, going above and beyond to help someone and responding with not only technical prowess, but the confidence and calmness to resolve the client’s needs is what separates us from many companies that do what we do across the country. We provide companies with the right combination of technology, process workflow and operational knowledge to simplify complex business challenges. The software we provide aids our clients reach maximum effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace by managing growth, using accurate and meaningful reporting, maintaining or exceeding compliance standards, reducing risk of errors, and improving productivity and profitability. Iris Schimke, President of Express Information, strongly believes that by “helping people get more time back in their day, by working smarter with fewer steps, clients will be happier with their work and help their companies thrive in a competitive landscape.”

Consultants at Express Information Systems have an average tenure of 16.8 years. Oftentimes, we have more corporate memory for our clients’ processes than they do – as their average tenure is six years. We believe that our clients’ systems are only as good as their people and that they can use them to make their own work more meaningful. So we focus not only on driving the technology, but making sure their employees are knowledgeable, confident and comfortable using the systems to drive their company’s goals further. Our clients rely on that trust between us every day as we serve their needs and drive their systems forward.

What We Do:

Express Information Systems is one of Texas’ leading solution providers specializing in selling and implementing accounting and business software. Whatever your business needs, Express Information Systems Provides integrated e-business solutions to help you maximize efficiency within your organization, with your customers, vendors and employees.

  • Financial & Accounting Software
  • HR/Payroll
  • Distribution Software
  • Service & Work Order Systems
  • Project/Tracking Software
  • Manufacturing Software
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software
  • Dashboards & Portals

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