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nVerge 2018 – a must-attend technology conference for business execs and end-users

Technology is embedded in everything we do. There are numerous ERP solutions out there that could supercharge your business and help you achieve an end to end efficiency. But how can you find the right one for your company or make sure the solution you're currently using is still up to date? Here at FMT […]

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NetSuite Tips & Tricks: Authorized Support Contacts Program

As of January 8, 2016, the NetSuite Terms of Support Service has been updated to only allow NetSuite Authorized Support contacts to submit support cases. In an effort to increase response times and provide better customer assistance, specified users can call and/or submit their NetSuite problems online, depending on their subscription. Once your company has […]

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Setting Up and Running Recurring Transactions in Acumatica Cloud ERP

Last month, we discussed how uploading journal transactions in Acumatica Cloud ERP was one way of solving the problem of hand-keying large, multiple line journal entries into your general ledger each month. Having to make entries for depreciation expense, expensing pre-paids, allocating costs or making accruals can be tedious, while the exposure to error exists […]

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NetSuite Tips & Tricks: Allocate Resources to Project Tasks

If your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is NetSuite, we’ve got good news. Allocating resources directly to projects tasks is now a possibility with the Resource Allocation feature! It used to be that the project resources had to be allocated to the project first, and then allocated to individual tasks. This will greatly benefit user’s […]

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Wearable Technology Connects Business

Wearable gadgets are not just for the fitness crazed; many businesses are discovering how wearables and other connected devices can improve traditional operations.  Manufacturers can connect all aspects of production including people, tools and machines, and raw materials or finished products.  The data that can be captured from manufacturing operations can be seamlessly integrated with […]

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The Brave New World of Cloud Computing & ERP

The world of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud computing is changing so rapidly, the industry is scrambling to keep up. From wearable ERP devices to hybrid cloud implementation, it take users a while to keep pace with the various applications available. ERP software comprises several modules such as finance, sales, marketing and human resources. Business functions are effectively […]

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Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Computing Options Enhanced with Microsoft Azure Hosting

The digital world of mobile devices, software and related infrastructure are becoming more ‘homogeneous,’ thanks to advances in cross-platform technology. In short, successful app and program development is all about a one-step development cycle, or  "write once and run anywhere" The challenge for developers and webmasters is to create content that displays on an array […]

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