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ERP Cloud Success Stories

Switching from QuickBooks to NetSuite

There’s a lot that goes into starting and building a business. While so much goes into the beginning process, a lot of new companies find themselves struggling to grow as time goes on. Only 2 in 5 startups are profitable, and other startups will either break even (1 in 3) or continue to lose money […]

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20 Microsoft Partners Give 19 Brilliant Ways to Promote ERP User Adoption

Why is user adoption such a challenge for organizations implementing new business management systems? There’s not one easy answer. Employees may be resistant to change, training may be inadequate, change management may not have been well planned, or leadership may not be fully committed. In most cases, it’s some combination of factors. In this white […]

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Are You Sure that You’re Really in the Cloud? A Gray Market Cloud Horror Story

  You're a savvy business owner; your business processes and ERP are backed up in the Cloud.  You’ve seen the statistics, heard the horror stories, and you’ve made the necessary steps to feel secure. But what does “in the cloud” really mean? How secure is your data really? Gray Market Cloud Spells Doom for One Unlucky Company […]

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Smarter Inventory Control Systems with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Smart Inventory Control Required for Competitiveness and Growth   The wholesale distribution industry is changing rapidly, and traditional inventory management systems may not be agile enough to keep up with your needs. A smart inventory control system such as Acumatica Cloud ERP offers the agility and versatility you need to remain competitive and continue to […]

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Life after Legacy ERP: Hear from Companies Who Switched to Acumatica

First, let me start off by saying this. On premise (legacy ERP systems) are still a good fit for many businesses. I am not suggesting every company needs to make the switch to a cloud system. Transitioning to the cloud is a decision each business should to weigh carefully and make for itself based on […]

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6 Ways Sage Intacct’s Analytics Benefit The Data-Driven Finance Leader

Are we living in the age of big data? If the numbers are any indication, the answer is a definite "yes." By 2020, our digital universe will hold an astounding 44 zettabytes of data. That's exactly 44 trillion gigabytes of social media posts, smart device data, and multimedia content. The IDC predicts that 3rd Platform technologies (cloud, big data […]

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How 5 ERP Cloud Experts Define Digital Transformation

What exactly is digital transformation and more importantly, how can it benefit your business? Because businesses differ, the way they define digital transformation can vary. But basically, digital transformation happens when you rethink your business processes in terms of what is possible using up to date technology. That can give you a wide-open canvas. To […]

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How AccuWeather Uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Give Life-Saving Information – Video

AccuWeather provides crucial weather-related services for over a billion people around the world with hourly and minute by minute forecasts. It also offers customized enterprise solutions for business customers in various industries and content for over 180,000 third-party websites. To make all of this work, AccuWeather depends on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to make sure customers […]

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New eBook: 10 Ways Cloud ERP Frees Your Finance Team from the Limitations of IT

As finance professionals, so many of you understand the constraints and restraints of your current ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. For example, waiting for your busy IT team to pull the reports you need to make critical business decisions. This eBook looks at the challenges you are likely facing, delves into the ways that Cloud […]

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14 Potential Benefits of Cloud ERP

Cloud computing is an opportunity to completely transform how your business and its people work. Saving the organization from capital expenditures that last longer on the balance sheet than in the server room may be the most often cited benefit, but there are some you may not have considered.

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