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Beanworks's Logo Three KPIs to Support Your Financial Goals in 2022

According to one study, it takes approximately 11 days to obtain approval for one invoice. Inaccessibility to documents and reliance on informal systems such as emails and spreadsheets contributes to a slow processing cycle, which leads to delayed payments, late fees, missed early discounts, and strained relationships with vendors.

SourceDay's Logo Overcoming Supplier Management Challenges

Admittedly, every company has unique supplier management challenges. However, some issues are common denominators in every industry. Since our customers span many industry verticals, Colby Young, VP of SourceDay’s NetSuite …

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Beanworks's Logo The Most Shocking Tales of Finance Fraud in 2021

Incidents of scams have been soaring and fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated. Cases of attempted digital fraud rose by 25.07% in the first quarter of 2021.

Beanworks's Logo Financial dashboards can drive transformation – here’s how

Lack of visibility into company financials interrupted forecasting and other accounting operations during the pandemic. It’s why 63% of accountants were working overtime, trying to keep processes running while working from home.

Gorilla Expense's Logo The Power of Partnering: The Impact of Successful VAR / ISV Partnerships

Partnerships are powerful.  At the same time, forging successful independent software vendor (ISV) partnerships can sometimes appear complex for value-added resellers (VAR). Not only should their ISV partners provide value …

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Beanworks's Logo Is Your Accounts Payable in Good Health? Here’s How to Find Out

So you think your accounts payable (AP) is in a healthy state. But how do you know for sure? It is easy to assume that everything is fine if no one is complaining about late payments.

Versapay's Logo Versapay Solupay Built for NetSuite solution

Versapay Solupay Built for NetSuite solution makes it simple to process and automate payments and invoices natively within your NetSuite ERP. With this integrated NetSuite solution, you can easily send …

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Beanworks's Logo Digitizing Payments in a Hybrid World

2021 State of Accounts Payable study found that accounts payable automation is the top investment priority for 83% of 600 finance professionals.

Greenshades Software's Logo Prepare Now for Open Enrollment

It's officially Fall, and you know what that means! Yes, it means pumpkin spice lattes and Sunday night football parties. But it also signals the approach of Open Enrollment. Open …

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Versapay's Logo AR Digital Transformation Will Accelerate Your Cash Flow

You can accelerate your cash flow with the digital transformation of your core accounting processes, including your AR (Accounts Receivable) process. Many business leaders agree that the way to keep …

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