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Intelligent Technologies, Inc.'s Logo Embracing the Cloud: Dynamics GP to Acumatica Migration Explained

Today, staying ahead of the curve is essential for maintaining competitiveness and driving growth. For many businesses, this means embracing cloud-based solutions that offer greater flexibility, scalability, and accessibility. One […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc.'s Logo Is Acumatica Small Business Edition the Right ERP for You? Find Out Now!

Struggling to settle on the best ERP for your growing business? Meet Acumatica Small Business Edition. It's more than just an ERP. It delivers insights, automates workflows, and empowers your […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc.'s Logo The Benefits of Cloud ERP Systems [2024 Update]

  In today's fast-paced business world, companies need to be agile and efficient to stay competitive. This is where cloud ERP systems come in. But before we dive into the […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc.'s Logo ERP Customization vs. Configuration: Finding the Right Balance in Implementation

If you're a business manager or owner, you know how important it is to streamline your processes and prioritize efficiency to stay ahead of the competition. An enterprise resource planning […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc.'s Logo ERP Implementation Methodology: Why It Matters and How to Ensure Success

Implementing a new ERP system is not just about the technology itself; it's also about the process that guides its adoption. An ERP implementation methodology is akin to a well-crafted […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc.'s Logo Acumatica License Types: Choosing the Best One for You

Selecting the right license type for your Acumatica ERP system is a critical decision that can significantly affect your business operations and costs. Acumatica offers several licensing programs, each designed […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc.'s Logo Building an Effective ERP Implementation Team: Key Ingredients for Success

Embarking on an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation journey is a significant undertaking for any organization. Success hinges not only on choosing the right ERP system but also on building […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc.'s Logo Compare Acumatica and NetSuite: the Easy Way

Choosing the right ERP system for your business is never a simple decision. And one of the most important parts of the process is also often one of the most […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc.'s Logo ERP Vendors and Client Satisfaction: Why It Matters and Who Delivers

  When shopping for ERP software, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. Are you looking for a way out? Keep reading… It’s not long before one solution looks […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc.'s Logo Transforming Your Business with ERP: How to Increase ERP Value and Performance

The right technology should pump up your bottom line, not deflate it… While this statement may seem like a pipe dream, it is a truth all small businesses should strive […]