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Crestwood Associates LLC's Logo Moving GP to the Cloud: The Importance of Choosing the Right Partner

  Crestwood clients run the gamut, in terms of size, from small sole proprietorships to massive Fortune 200 corporations. We’re proud to offer a variety of resources for every level […]

Crestwood Associates LLC's Logo Are You Sure that You’re Really in the Cloud? A Gray Market Cloud Horror Story

  You're a savvy business owner; your business processes and ERP are backed up in the Cloud.  You’ve seen the statistics, heard the horror stories, and you’ve made the necessary steps […]

Crestwood Associates LLC's Logo Is the Fabrication Industry Ready for Cloud ERP?

Fabrication is not an easy business, the offshoring creates the new competition, while the commodities causes the prices to fluctuate; not to mention, new technologies add another risk. It can […]

Crestwood Associates LLC's Logo Intelligent Enforcement of Multifactor Authentication with Azure Conditional Access and Acumatica

Today we are going to analyze some of the capabilities of Azure working together with Acumatica to provide a useful and secure way to log into Acumatica. Azure Active Directory […]

Crestwood Associates LLC's Logo How Safe are Your Computer Files Against Attackers?

Even those fortunate enough not to have first-hand experience knows someone who has been troubled by ransomware. The common attack involves an email which at first glance appears to be […]

Crestwood Associates LLC's Logo Microsoft OneDrive, The Solution to our Collaboration Issues

As many companies do, Crestwood has regular company-wide calls that are attended by all our employees around the country. The centerpiece of this call is a single PowerPoint presentation. However, […]

Crestwood Associates LLC's Logo From Nightmare to Triumph – Disaster Recovery with the Crestwood Cloud

If you were to be asked at this moment where your backups are, would you be able to answer? Do you know if your ERP system has reliable backups, that […]

Crestwood Associates LLC's Logo What ERP Buyers Want in our Cloud-first World

The ERP landscape has shifted from traditional, on-premise client/server deployments to software-as-a-service (SaaS), ERP in the cloud.  Buyers have realized this shift adds many advantages for their business, including: Scalability […]

Crestwood Associates LLC's Logo Four Ways to Secure Your Office 365 Environment

Have you ever received a suspicious email about your Office 365 account?  It might seem legitimate, even with a Microsoft logo, but if you look close at the links or […]

Crestwood Associates LLC's Logo Crestwood Cloud Backups – Protecting Your Business 24×7

My motto is: data that you don’t have at least two copies of is data that you don’t care about. This goes a long way to protect your family photos […]