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Resource Group's Logo CFOs of SaaS Companies Speak Out

 If you are CFO of a Software or SaaS (software as a service) company, what do you consider the most important financial metrics for you to follow? At the last […]

Resource Group's Logo Why Consider ERP in the Cloud

The Resource Group has been implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for 27 years, and the cloud is the biggest technological innovation affecting our industry since Windows overtook DOS. So […]

Resource Group's Logo Dimensional Chart of Accounts – Taming the Monster

A dimensional chart of accounts is an underlying structure used to capture transactions and organize them into your assets, liabilities, revenue and expenses. Many companies use a hard-coated chart of […]

Resource Group's Logo Top 3 Reasons Why Companies Say Goodbye to QuickBooks

There’s no doubt that QuickBooks is the most commonly used small- and mid-sized business accounting software solution. However, as your company grows, QuickBooks does have limitations. So, when is it […]

Resource Group's Logo 3 Things High Technology and SaaS Companies Need To Know About VSOE to Protect Their Business

High technology and SaaS companies have complex financial metrics to track, including vendor-specific objective evidence (VSOE). VSOE is commonly used by companies that sell software products and services in multiple-item […]

Resource Group's Logo Top 3 Financial Metrics SaaS CFOs are Tracking

There are several financial metrics that are crucial for CFOs of Software and SaaS (software as a service) companies to track. Recently I attended Advantage, Intacct’s annual customer conference, where […]

Resource Group's Logo Financial Software Solutions – Which SaaS Solution is Right for Your Company? (part 2)

Imagine watching a young child try to chase a squirrel. If there were just one squirrel, the kid would probably try to corner it or sneak up on it. If […]

Resource Group's Logo Financial Software Solutions: Which of These 3 Platforms is Right For Your Company (part 1)

Many simple choices in life can take quite a bit of deliberation. For some people, picking the right pair of shoes to wear in the morning can be a difficult […]