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's Logo Power Automate: Workflow for Dynamics

Power Automate, formerly Microsoft Flow, makes workflow automation for Dynamics easy and efficient. A cloud solution with hooks to hundreds of platforms out of the box, it quickly grabs information […]

's Logo Microsoft Dynamics 365: How to Streamline Business Processes for Manufacturing & Distribution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of business applications that streamline how your manufacturing and distribution organization does business.   With a comprehensive product offering that combines the power of […]

's Logo How to Scale with Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power BI

Stay ahead of the competition and scale with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI.  With Dynamics 365, growing businesses are capturing data across the entire organization in a single source […]

's Logo Top Pricing Strategies for Distributors

  Pricing strategies for distributors are critical; wholesalers and distributors compete on pricing with giants like Amazon and Walmart, and live in a world with razor-thin margins. So how do […]

's Logo Does Your Business Need an ERP system To Thrive?

ERP. CRM. SAAS. Let's face it; the alphabet soup of business solutions that gets thrown around can be confusing. On one hand, you wonder if you are missing out if […]

's Logo Operational Efficiencies with Cloud ERP for Distributors

View a Recorded Webinar     View a Recorded Demo     Download a Fact Sheet   The popularity of Cloud ERP is expected to continue growing as millennials move into management roles in […]

's Logo Microsoft Dynamics SL vs Microsoft Dynamics GP for Professional Services Comparison

How can a professional services company choose between Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics GP? There are several points to consider. Over the years we’ve found a niche working with […]

's Logo Is Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon) Dead?

For decades, there have been rumors circulating that Microsoft is going to discontinue Solomon. To back up these rumors, people would point to the fact that there were fewer and […]

's Logo Microsoft Dynamics – What You May Not Have Known

If your organization is in the market for an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution, no doubt you’ve investigated what’s on the market. You’ve probably discovered that Microsoft Dynamics is […]

's Logo Cloud Financial Management: The Next Level Of Finance

Flexible financial management systems fuel changing business needs. Through automation, advanced accounting actions and streamlined audit trails, financial management software empowers businesses to increase efficiency and improve visibility. The benefits […]