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AccuPointe's Logo Grow your Business with Cloud ERP

ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions were once available and affordable only to large organization, but that is no longer the case. Now available and affordable to small and midsized businesses, […]

AccuPointe's Logo GMO Labeling Coming Soon

A bill being proposed in the House will allow companies to voluntarily label products as GMO-free if they are free of genetically modified ingredients.  This labeling could be a valuable […]

AccuPointe's Logo Wearable Technology Connects Business

Wearable gadgets are not just for the fitness crazed; many businesses are discovering how wearables and other connected devices can improve traditional operations.  Manufacturers can connect all aspects of production […]

AccuPointe's Logo Businesses Grow With Cloud ERP

Enterpise resource planning (ERP) solutions often appeared to be available, or affordable, only to larger enterprises. However, that is no longer the case.  The right ERP and cloud deployment can […]

AccuPointe's Logo Would You Prefer Paper Or Plastic?

Recent studies of consumers in several European countries indicated that there is a preference when choosing groceries and fresh produce that are packaged in paper-based or plastic packaging.  In addition, […]

AccuPointe's Logo Freshness Ranks High In Supermarket Preference, Higher Than Price

A survey by Consumer Reports indicates that the quality of fresh food in the supermarket matters.  It matters so much, according to the study, that consumers may favor one supermarket […]