x2x-Acumatica & RMH Integration Solution Modules

x2x-Acumatica & RMH Integration Solution Modules

x2x-Acumatica & RMH Integration Solution Modules establish two-way communication between POS and an ERP system. Adopt automation and unfold the magic of a unified retail ecosystem using x2x-Acumatica & RMH Integration Solution Modules.

x2x-Acumatica & RMH Integration Solution Modules:

x2x eCommerce integration solution not only connects POS and ERP but transforms them into a platform that provides a unified view of business. Integration comprises different modules including:


Create Acumatica in RMH with all the essential details like item number, description, cost, UOM etc. Similarly, newly added products to the catalog creates seamlessly to POS from ERP. This phenomena eliminates the need of manual data entry and also ensures immediate product availability for sales and inventory management.


Price management is usually a complex task between two different platforms but x2x Integration gives a  unified view of Acumatica and RMH Price. Map and Synchronize Prices effortlessly as solution allows mapping of Acumatica tier prices – including Price, Price A, Price B, Price C, and MSRP – with the corresponding price levels in RMH. Acumatica item price change automatically updates in RMH, ensuring a consistent pricing across all sales channels. Also quickly adjust prices according to market fluctuations, promotions, or specific customer demand through scheduling.


Unified Acumatica and RMH Customer data helps manage customer base effortlessly across retail and ERP resulting in increase customer satisfaction. Enhanced Customer management empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer service while optimizing operational efficiency. Create Acumatica customers automatically in RMH and vice versa, and this automation ensures precise data synchronization.​


Fragmented processes are the history as x2x solution flawlessly bridges the gap between RMH and Acumatica. No more batch processing delays, as individual or consolidated invoices creation for walk-in, credit, and named customers directly from RMH batches, mapped to corresponding Acumatica locations. Handle returns, automatically apply payments received from customers and simplify financial operations by auto generating cash receipts.


Global commerce dealing involves currency conversion. x2x powerful solution handles Multi-Currency for accurate financial transactions and reporting across diverse markets.

x2x-Acumatica & RMH Integration Solution Modules streamlines sales workflows, boost efficiency with unified view of product catalog and inventory levels. No more working in silos enhances accuracy with consistent pricing across all channels, and providing insights into valuable data hence improving overall business processing.

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