Benefits of Hybrid Solution for Acumatica & POS Integration

Benefits of Hybrid Solution for Acumatica & POS Integration

Benefits of Hybrid Solution for Acumatica & POS Integration include better response rate as retail business demands quick and prompt operational processing. Cloud-based ERPs like Acumatica offer a comprehensive set of functionalities. However, centralized architecture limits performance under workloads specifically in the case of retail. Multiple departments access the system for sales, purchases, warehousing, accounting tasks, etc. This centralization affects the responsiveness especially those at the POS. Fast checkout at the retail store is highly important to reduce abandoned carts. Processing delays due to slow response from the network or server overload lead users to frustration.

A dedicated POS solution like RMH integration with an ERP system creates a powerful hybrid environment.  Leverage existing capabilities of an ERP while offloading POS operations to a separate, optimized platform. This technique minimizes performance bottlenecks at POS and increases overall efficiency. This also results in improve customer experience with reduced response time. The x2x RMH-Acumatica solution provides a holistic data synchronization across two platforms. It enables a bi-directional flow of sales transactional data and ensures a sales history availability and inventory movement tracking, regardless of source. This hybrid solution adoption allow business to achieve reporting accuracy and operational excellency.

Integration Touch Points:

Sales: The x2x RMH Acumatica solution manage sales transactions by automatically updating sales invoice data in Acumatica for all customer types of RMH. The customer type mainly  includes Walk-In Customers, Named Customers, and Credit Customers. It provides complete visibility of all sales and receivables transactions originating from RMH stores and ensures accurate accounting.

Customer: Seamless customer data synchronization across two platforms eliminates manual data entry hence results in error reduction. Automatically create and updates Acumatica Retail Customers in RMH, mirroring newly created shop floor customers in RMH to Acumatica. This helps the smooth flow of sales orders from RMH (Point of Sale) to Acumatica.

Item: Item master data and prices synchronization ensures that instant availability of RMH items in Acumatica. Also, any price updates in Acumatica updates the data in RMH system, avoiding data discrepancies with reliable flow of item data.

Benefits of Hybrid Solution for Acumatica & POS Integration are both for internal ERP operations and external retail operations processing speed.

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