Embracing the Future App Development with Microsoft Power Platform

The future belongs to the low-code application developments as evident in the current technological landscape. An increasing number of professional developers are embracing the Microsoft Power Platform.

Microsoft Power Platform offers a comprehensive low-code technology that has the ability to revolutionize developers’ work practices, boosting their productivity and enabling them to construct solutions with unprecedented speed. With the usage of Microsoft Power Platform, developers can seamlessly build customized business applications, automate processes, and thoroughly manage organizational data and information.

Microsoft has recently added two considerable improvements to Microsoft Power Platform.

  1. Firstly, the public previews of Copilot in Microsoft Power Pages, permitting website developers to leverage the power of natural language authoring for more advantageous productiveness.
  2. Secondly, Copilot in Microsoft Power BI is now also available in public preview, offering users intuitive natural language capabilities for gaining precious information insights.

The private preview of generative actions in Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is also introduced, which will transform the procedure of building bots, offering even extra personalized and engaging experiences. Additionally, Microsoft Power Automate introduces further customization alternatives, empowering users with more suitable flexibility.

Transform The Way You Build Websites with Copilot in Microsoft Power Pages

Copilot in Power Pages, currently available in preview exclusively for the United States customers, is created to transform the website-building process by enhancing digital copy editing and development. Copilot makes it possible to generate text by natural language descriptions that helps in streamlining the content creation process. Experience hassle-free and efficient digital copy-editing tasks with this powerful addition to Microsoft Power Pages. 

  • Create data-centric forms by describing the desired type. 
  • Copilot automatically generates tables in Microsoft Dataverse. 
  • Users can add, modify, and remove fields using natural language input. 
  • Copilot in Power Pages extends beyond text generation. 
  • Empowers users to design webpage layouts. 
  • Creates captivating images and edits site themes. 
  • Enables swift visual setup and customization. 
  • Enhances customer engagement through appealing design. 

With just a single click, integrate a Power Virtual Agents chatbot into the Power Pages site. With generative AI capabilities, chatbots can instantly respond to user queries. Due to the intuitive natural language input and intelligent suggestions offered by Copilot, the entire process of creating a Power Pages site, from content creation to chatbot integration, is simplified, expedited, and smooth. 

Unleash the Capability of Your Data with Copilot in Microsoft Power BI

Copilot in Power BI is now in private preview mode. This amazing project brings high-performance large-language models to Power BI. This empowers customers to rapidly transform from data into actionable insights. Copilot simplifies setting up sampling and analysis by enabling users to define diagrams and insights, which it then automatically translates into corresponding graphics using advanced language processing.

Microsoft Power BI offers numerous powerful features that lets you unlock Copilot’s potential. With Copilot, users can swiftly create and customize reports, modify Data Analysis Expressions calculations, and interact with data using natural language. Copilot's Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities ensure swift data interactions. Copilot allows users to summarize their data in their preferred tone, style, and scope of reports. Power BI improves the delivery of data insights by providing easy-to-read summaries for greater impact and understanding.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Revolutionize the next-gen bots with Power Virtual Agents and Generative AI

Leverage Power Virtual Agents to craft dynamic customer conversations effortlessly. Simply connect bots to data sources, content, and APIs to enable multi-turn interactions. 

In the US, this feature is in public preview. Generative AI allows chatbots to mimic human-like interactions by responding personally. Create proficient chatbots using AI Builder and Power Virtual Agents. Improve your chatbot's conversational skills to manage complex interactions, providing real-time personalized, context-aware responses. 

In scenarios in which a person’s request necessitates taking precise actions, which includes calling an API, making use of a Microsoft Power Platform connector, or invoking a Power Automate flow, Power Virtual Agents leverages the superior competencies of the generative actions engine. This engine, currently in limited preview, enables the chatbot to recognize the person's request and determine the specific course of action. 

Additionally, Power Virtual Agents has following capabilities: 

Generative Actions Engine: 

  • Accesses vast API library to match user requests. 
  • Assembles actions into sequences for user needs. 

Seamless Fulfilment:

  • Autonomously chains actions together. 
  • Ensures effective user interaction and information gathering. 

Advanced Authoring Canvas in Power Virtual Agents 

A recent addition is the integrated authoring canvas in Power Virtual Agents, seamlessly merging Microsoft Bot Framework Composer's distinctive features with Power Virtual Agents' user-friendly authoring. This advancement introduces a bot-authored canvas, enhancing Microsoft's offerings. 

Power Virtual Agents now facilitate collaboration for all team members, from novices to experts. Utilize advanced polygraph features and integrate built-in code using a side-by-side editor. Leverage generative AI for rich response creation, API integration, Microsoft Power Fx expressions, Azure service connections for custom language needs, and robust array capabilities. 

Unleash the Advanced Realm of Power Automate Customization

Power Automate empowers developers with versatile integration capabilities, allowing them to connect any web API via custom connectors. In line with Microsoft's commitment to enhancing automation, the Actions SDK is now in public preview. This remarkable feature enables developers to create custom actions within desktop flows, expanding the array of pre-built actions. With the Actions SDK, developers can seamlessly interact with their application's common or proprietary types, elevating customization possibilities. 

Custom Action Settings in Power Automate for Desktop:

  • Effortlessly create, deploy, and manage custom actions in Power Automate. 
  • Enhance automation creation using custom actions in Desktop Flow Designer. 
  • Tailored custom actions cater to unique organizational needs, optimizing automation. 

Copilot Preview in Power Automate:

  • Availability of Copilot preview. 
  • State-of-the-art designer accompanies cloud flows. 
  • Unified experience using natural language for rapid automation creation. 
  • Intelligent suggestions and support throughout automation development process. 
  • Efficient working smarter and easier with Copilot's assistance. 

Top Advantages of Power Platform

Boosting Developer Productivity with Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is committed to increasing developer productivity and has introduced new features to further streamline the process. Following are the updates that are available: 

  • Managed Environments offer control over approved design components.  
  • Business developers can publish apps, flows, and bots.  
  • Allows organizations to incorporate these features into their solutions.  
  • Developers can use tools like PAC CLI and GitHub practices.  
  • Contribute to a centralized catalogue, reducing application development time and costs.  
  • IT admins manage the app ecosystem centrally, avoiding duplication.  
  • Audit trail creation accelerates app development process. 

Microsoft is also working towards making significant improvements to Copilot for Power Apps to fast-track application development. Developers can now use natural language to add screens and controls to their apps, simplifying the design process. Additionally, Copilot in Power Apps enables developers to understand and import unstructured data from Excel, facilitating seamless integration of existing data sources Besides, Copilot can also interact with data in model-driven apps, largely through natural language conversations with end users. It gives the ability to derive valuable insights from large amounts of information. With these enhancements, building apps from existing data has never been easier. Microsoft Copilot can also be integrated with Salesforce, NetSuite, or other existing ERP modules.  

End Note 

The potential and proficiency of Microsoft Power Platform consisting of Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents is endless. To make the most of these extraordinary apps, collaborate with a digital transformation partner like DynaTech. With its advanced expertise, DynaTech is here to help you sail in this next-generation AI-powered digital world. Get in touch with us to know more about Microsoft Power Platform. 

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