What is an ERP Clean Core Approach?

In Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), keeping a clean core refers to minimizing modifications made directly to the core functionality of the ERP system. This essentially means avoiding code changes or customizations to the central software. Keep reading to learn about the ERP clean core strategy.

What is the reasoning behind keeping your ERP's core clean?
  • Stability and Efficiency: A clean core reduces the risk of introducing bugs or performance issues that can arise from custom code.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Maintaining a system with minimal changes is easier, as there's less custom code to manage and update.
  • Upgrade Ease: Upgrading the ERP system becomes smoother when the core functionality remains unaltered. New features and bug fixes from the vendor can be integrated more seamlessly.
  • Future-proofing: A clean core allows the system to adapt to future updates and enhancements from the ERP vendor.
  • Reduced Vendor Lock-in: With less custom code, dependence on specific consultants to maintain and upgrade the system is reduced.

There's a nuanced perspective to consider, though. While keeping the core clean offers these benefits, it's not always ideal to completely avoid customizations. Some businesses may have specific needs that require adjustments to the core system. The key is to find a balance between customization and a clean core.

SAP shares the value of a clean core strategy with clients achieving. . .

  • 80% less software customization
  • 70% of core business processes are automated
  • 50% reduction in database size
  • 80% of core business processes standardized across 24 countries
What is considered the "core" of SAP ERP software?

The core of ERP software is made up of six fundamental areas:

  • Software stack: The standardized ERP software in use
  • Extensibility: Added functionality that goes beyond the standard ERP software
  • Integrations: Communication between solutions
  • Processes: Actions presented in an end-to-end experience
  • Data: Configuration data, master data, and transactional data
  • Operations: Ongoing governance and monitoring activity

SAP ERP solutions and their clean core allow for rapid innovation, better execution, and improved operational efficiency. Learn how you can Grow with SAP and Navigator Business Solutions. Grow with SAP is designed to help growth-focused firms adopt cloud ERP with speed, predictability, and continuous innovation. In other words, your business will never outgrow SAP.

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