Cloud-powered Manufacturing: Accessibility, Cost, and Efficiency

Soaring raw material costs, recession anxieties, and economic volatility have significantly increased operating expenses for manufacturers in recent years. This can make mid-sized companies, with ambitions for growth, hesitant to expand. However, the right technology infrastructure can empower them to scale efficiently and confidently. Best-in-class manufacturers leverage cloud-based ERP systems with robust cost management features, seamless integration capabilities, and industry-specific functionalities. These tools enable them to safeguard profit margins and make informed financial decisions. The guide below will walk you through cloud-powered manufacturing.

SAP sponsored a report by Aberdeen Strategy & Research that addresses 'Optimizing Cloud Data for Accessibility, Cost Savings, and Efficient Manufacturing' where they delve into strategies that are top of mind for manufacturers, how cloud-based solutions lay the foundation for rapid ROI and approaches to scaling cost-effectively. Download the report now. 

Summary & Key Takeaways from the report:

Mid-sized manufacturers need flexible tools to thrive in today's unpredictable market. These tools should help them cut costs, avoid communication breakdowns, and maintain quality during growth.

The key features they need include:

  • Tracking product costs to protect profits
  • Planning and forecasting demand
  • Setting up communication channels between sales and product development teams

These features provide them with a clear picture of how business changes impact costs. Additionally, functionalities specific to manufacturing allow for greater innovation and visibility, ensuring efficient growth.

For companies hesitant to expand factories or hire new workers due to cost concerns, Aberdeen recommends following the lead of top performers. These companies use cloud-based ERP systems that support a smart manufacturing strategy with the capabilities mentioned above. Explore cloud-powered manufacturing with SAP ERP for Manufacturing organizations.

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