5 Good Reasons to Move to the Azure Cloud

5 reasons to move to the Azure Cloud


It's no secret that many companies are actively migrating systems to the cloud. CloudZero’s research shows 48% of respondents plan to move at least half their applications in the next year, with 20% aiming to transition everything.  But what does it mean for your company? You may be in the process of deciding where to move your systems.

So, Why move to Azure?

There are different cloud servers, each with its function. For example, one runs the applications, another processes data or manages it, while the other stores it, among others. So what are the benefits of migrating to Azure? Why move to the cloud?

5 Benefits of Migrating to Azure

1) Reduced Cost of Infrastructure

The cost of maintaining a local server includes installation and updating, maintaining a dedicated IT staff, and having a climate-controlled room can be very expensive in the long run. Microsoft Azure eliminates the need for a physical server and its expenses.

2) You can Scale Resources

With Microsoft Azure, you only pay what you need. If your business suddenly increases, we can scale the servers to handle the windfall.


3) Ease of Accessibility

Azure Cloud Services allow access to your data at any location and at any time. Sometimes, you don't even need a VPN to gain access to your data, any time of the day.

4) Data Security

Microsoft Azure data centers are some of the most secure and they keep your data protected from natural disasters. With multiple data centers and storage options, your data is stored in at least three separate nodes. With the help of a Microsoft Azure partner, you can define the backup schedule in terms of extent and frequency.

5) Saves Time

The number of hours spent in configuring, planning and installing virtual machines is quite significant. Microsoft Azure only takes minutes to have everything set up in new virtual machines. The azure hosting services built-in integration works seamlessly with Windows virtual environment for a quick and painless backup.

At Technology Management Concepts, we use Microsoft Azure to provide web hosting because we believe it is the most secure, budget-friendly and most straightforward to use to scale your needs. Azure hosting is easier to manage and more reliable, especially with Microsoft Azure support when pushed to the cloud. Contact us for more information.

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