Elevate Your Business with AP Payments for Microsoft Dynamics BC

Hard to believe we are now in the final weeks of 2023. For those focused on closing deals, and locking up end of year sales, the time between selling a product and having that payment in hand can mean success or defeat. 

Having the right payment solution in place could help you avoid defeat. The REPAY AP Vendor Payments solution offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users a seamlessly integrated AP automation solution.  Reduce the costs of paying vendors by check, and easily approve invoices remotely to gain a competitive advantage!

What can AP Automation do for your organization?

  • Save cash on each transaction and reduce risk by switching to digital payment processes
  • Eliminate time spent tracking down missing and late payments
  • Increase visibility and control with more transparent payment tracking and reporting

Is it time to consider Virtual Cards?

AP departments are seeking new answers. Virtual cards provide a fast and secure method to pay invoices. The outlook for global virtual card volume will reach $6.8B by 2026!

Virtual cards are single-use cards used to pay vendors. Organizations can set expiration dates and spending limits, offering complete control over card information, making fraudsters obsolete. Additionally, virtual cards can earn organizations valuable rebates from their use. A REPAY client added $750,000 to their bottom line in annualized rebates.

Technology is complex, but vendor and supplier payments don’t have to be. Access innovative payment solutions that make sense for your business. If you are ready to learn more, this demo shares how to optimize payments with REPAY!

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