How to Choose a Good ERP Implementation Partner

Just as crucial as the selection of an ERP vendor is the decision of the appropriate ERP implementation partner.

This external collaborator will assist you in aligning your requirements with the system, adeptly setting up the ERP solution to suit your business, and ensuring a seamless launch process. Some implementation partners will even continue to provide support once the system is operational, addressing any queries or complications that may arise as your business expands.

Three important questions to ask when evaluating ERP implementation partners:
  1. Are they well-versed in my chosen ERP system? A reliable implementation partner possesses extensive familiarity with the ERP system you've selected, showcasing an in-depth understanding. Seek a demonstrated history of successful implementation and support, and a robust collaboration between your ERP vendor and the implementation partner.
  2. Will they acquaint themselves with my business and function as collaborators? An implementation partner of value invests time in comprehending your business, resembling an extension of your internal IT team. Prioritize implementation partners who perceive the relationship as an enduring partnership, working closely with your enterprise rather than merely directing the implementation and rollout process.
  3. Will their support be available as needed? A proficient implementation partner remains accessible and responsive to your business's needs. This pertains not solely to the initial rollout but also encompasses subsequent adjustments and ongoing challenges requiring resolution. Therefore, seek an implementation partner known for accessibility and sustained assistance beyond the initial rollout phase. Beware of partners who vanish after the system is launched.

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