Harness the Power of Azure OpenAI Service on Your Data

Enterprises can craft innovative AI apps like code generation, writing assistance, etc. Recently, Microsoft launched Azure OpenAI Service on your data in public review. This new feature allows enterprises to develop innovative AI applications such as code generation and writing assistance, now leveraging their private company data. This robust feature completely transforms the way you gather, interact, and analyze the data. It enables enterprises to gain maximum benefits from various OpenAI models like ChatGPT and GPT-4 by using their own data. This robust feature promises higher accuracy, speed, and actionable insights, empowering enterprises to maximize the value of their data and drive innovation to new heights.

It’s the Right Time To Unleash The Power Of Your Data

Unleash the full potential of your data by directly running OpenAI models on it with the help of Microsoft OpenAI Service on your data. It eradicates any kind of training or fine-tuning. Companies can easily streamline communication, elevate customer service, and amplify productivity with the advanced conversational features of ChatGPT and GPT - 4. These intelligent models use their pre-built and pre-trained knowledge to access certain data sources and ensure that the responses given are based on the latest updated information.

How Does This Feature Work?

Azure OpenAI Service brings together your data from any storage location, whether it's on a local server or in the cloud. This new functionality enables you to harness the maximum potential of your data with smooth and hassle-free connectivity. Microsoft offers advanced tools and technologies to effectively and accurately organize, process, and store data. With this seamless connectivity, you can elevate the quality of your processes and gain valuable insights, unlocking new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in your operations.

Moreover, Microsoft’s API and SDK allows quick-easy integration with your existing system. It also renders customizable sample applications for fast implementation. Effortlessly use and share your data while exchanging important information within your enterprise or your customers.

Connect you azure open AI Service on your data with various sources


Notable Use Cases

Azure OpenAI Service presents a range of applications that can revolutionize business opportunities across diverse industry verticals.

With unparalleled features, it elevates customer service, boosts revenues, enhances productivity, and enables self-service requests in both B2B and B2C interactions. This next-generation functionality simplifies processes like document intake and indexing, providing quick insights into financial data and legal information to facilitate better decision-making. Moreover, it streamlines HR processes, software development, and enables accurate marketing responses.

Businesses can gain value-added customer insights, deep industry knowledge, detailed competitor insights, and monetize their data with the power of Azure OpenAI Service on your data. Businesses can stay one step ahead in this ever-evolving market with improved strategic decision making, productivity, and revenue.

Create A Private ChatGPT with Your Own Data

Businesses can easily create a private ChatGPT model with their own data. On the one hand, it is extremely useful for Q&As but there are some limitations of fine-tuning pre-trained models. This includes various issues and challenges with traceability, costs, factual accuracy, and access control. But this can be easily refined by separating the knowledge base from the language base. Hence, users can get correct answers based on the relevant data.

Below mentioned are the main steps of the process:

  • User asks a question
  • Then the app finds relevant information from your data that contains the answer.
  • After that, a prompt containing relevant text is sent to a large language model.
  • Lastly, either the user receives can answer to their question or “no answer found” response.

In the quest for relevant answers and documents, context holds utmost significance. The utilization of a knowledge base coupled with semantic search proves invaluable in this pursuit. This process involves breaking down data into smaller, manageable pieces and enriching the index with additional metadata.

Chat Playground & Deployment Options in Azure AI Studio

Azure OpenAI Service Models are great to explore and experiment with chat playground. A chat playground is a no-code environment where you can easily ideate, iterate, experiment, and create completions based on your prompts. It has a user-friendly interface and also renders Curl code and Python samples for seamless integration in your app.

azure Open AI preview

You can directly deploy a web app from Azure AI studio. Hence, you can create a conversational AI platform for your enterprise. It is a simple deployment process where you can select a name, choose the appropriate subscription, location, resource group, as well as pricing plan for your web app. Users can even modify these web apps or use API to integrate these features in the service.


Azure AI

Azure OpenAI Service on your data is an ace of spades for data analysis and conversational AI. Businesses can unleash actionable insights, better decision-making and enhance productivity by leveraging OpenAI models with their own data. Be it using chat playground for in Azure AI Studio for experimentation or web app deployment, Azure OpenAI Serve on your data renders effective solution.


Here’s How To Use Azure OpenAI On Your Own Data

To use Azure OpenAI on your data, first you need to have an approved Azure OpenAI Service App as well as Azure OpenAI Service resource with GPT-35-Turbo or the GPT-4 models.

steps after completing pre-requisites


It is extremely important to complete the necessary pre-requisites before getting started with Azure OpenAI Service on your data.

Microsoft is a pioneer with Azure OpenAI and this service could not be availed with Salesforce or NetSuite. To know more about using the next-gen Azure OpenAI Service on your data, get in touch with the Azure experts at sales@dynatechconsultancy.com.


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