How to avoid overpaying shipping surcharges?


Are your shipping costs on the rise? ACE Micro can help you save money.

First, here are a few things you can easily do yourself. Compare the rates offered by different shipping carriers and services. Each carrier may have different pricing structures and surcharges. Look for carriers that offer competitive rates and reasonable surcharges.  Shop rates often!

Many carriers use dimensional weight calculations to determine shipping charges. It takes into account the package's dimensions rather than just its weight. Optimize your packaging to minimize the dimensional weight and avoid unnecessary surcharges. Understanding dimensional weight calculations can send money to your bottom line and avoid unnecessary shipping costs.

Ensure that you accurately measure and weigh your packages. Incorrect measurements can lead to higher shipping costs. Update your scale to a newer one to ensure accurate measurements.  Always use a measuring tape or ruler to obtain precise dimensions.

Choose packaging that is appropriate for the size and weight of your items. Oversized packaging can result in dimensional weight surcharges. Select the smallest packaging that still provides adequate protection for your products.

Some shipping services offer flat-rate options for specific package sizes. If your item fits within the dimensions allowed for these flat-rate boxes or envelopes, you may be able to save money compared to standard shipping rates.

Select lightweight packaging materials that provide sufficient protection for your products. Bulky and heavy packaging materials can add unnecessary weight and increase shipping costs.

If you have high shipping volumes, you may be able to negotiate better rates and surcharges with your preferred carrier. Contact the carrier's sales representatives to discuss your shipping needs and explore potential discounts or waivers.

Shipping carriers may periodically update their policies, rates, and surcharges. Stay updated and informed about any changes that may affect your shipping costs. Subscribe to carrier newsletters or check their websites regularly to stay up to date.

Regularly review your shipping invoices to identify any unexpected surcharges or errors. If you notice discrepancies, contact the carrier to address the issue and seek clarification.

Lastly and most importantly, be sure your shipping process is automated! Utilizing our shipping software that is integrated with hundreds of carriers as well as operations and back office. Our tools can help you compare rates, generate shipping labels, and streamline the shipping process. Automation reduces the chances of human error and ensures accurate calculations.

ACE Micro, LLC 

For over two decades, ACE has met the needs of its clients through the innovative application of software solutions. 

As specialist in solutions for distribution, our products and services are specifically designed for Industrial Supplies, Medical and Hospital Equipment, and Industrial Machinery and Equipment distributors who need to optimize their organizations with quick time to value, low risk and targeted solutions. Our Cloud based solutions for Distribution help you improve inventory management and increase order accuracy while providing improved organizational insights. Unlike our competition, our solutions for Distribution are industry specific and offered as solutions to meet your specific needs and provide the accelerated time to value. 

The ACE suite of solutions is based on Dynamics 365 Business Central, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, that can improve the capabilities of a distribution company. By leveraging these capabilities, Distribution Companies make data-driven decisions, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth. In addition to ensuring clients are using tools effectively, ACE continually brings innovative ideas that help businesses reduce operating costs and improve productivity.

If you are looking for a “Partner for Life” for your Distribution company, contact ACE. 



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