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Monrovia, a wholesale plant company founded in 1926, has been experiencing exceptional growth. Their products are thriving, and so is their company, with more than one thousand employees. They needed a reliable travel and expense management solution to meet their unique needs and keep up with their expansion.

Monrovia supports artisans dedicated to growing and selling healthy and beautiful varieties of some of our favorite garden plants and flowers. They also partner with leading plant explorers and breeders around the globe, researching both ordinary and unique plants to bring to market.

The Challenge

As the company grew and evolved, so did its needs. Because of their international reach, they realized it was time to upgrade some of their technology and processes. Part of their company culture is their concern for the environment, so they wanted an expense management system that supports their values of sustainability and eco-friendliness.  

Previously Monrovia was using Concur® expense management software. It helped them to go paperless with their expense reporting while operating with their partner garden centers throughout the US and Canada. But there were challenges right from the start. The system was slow and not particularly user-friendly. Because of the large amounts of data the company processes, speed and efficiency are crucial. Inconvenient and costly errors threatened the company’s overall performance. The software offered only limited reports, which were inadequate for Monrovia’s needs.

These and other challenges were impeding what should have been a smooth workflow. Monrovia decided to look for a better solution.

The Solution

The company decided to partner with Gorilla Expense for its expense management software. By this time, Monrovia knew what worked for them and what did not. Gorilla Expense was able to meet their needs quickly and efficiently.

According to Hilda Haddad, the Controller at Monrovia, what prompted the search for a new solution was the inefficiency, inadequate reports, and overall slow speed of their original automated system. However, what drew them to Gorilla Expense was the solution they provided and the clean platform, pricing, and customer service.

Often, changing technology partners and onboarding new solutions is something companies like to avoid. They put up with solutions that are not working because switching to something new seems like a hassle. However, the move to Gorilla Expense was smooth and streamlined.

“The easy platform helped a lot. The transition was seamless. Gorilla Expense provided us with a step-by-step video to help. After the transition to Gorilla Expense, we received very few complaints - most of them were user issues. I will absolutely recommend Gorilla Expense to any Concur® customers who are considering switching.” Hilda Haddad Controller, Monrovia

Gorilla Expense’s expert team implemented their expense management software quickly and easily. Any concerns about the project were dispelled from the start, and everything came online on time and on schedule. According to Haddad, Gorilla Expense’s customer service was extremely helpful. Their responses to queries were quick and accurate, and the free included support was excellent.

One of the great features of Gorilla Expense Management is its user profile management. Your admin users can share clients’ screens and help them with questions or issues. Also, it is easy to manage scenarios after an employee leaves the company.

“Gorilla Expense has proven that it can match the features our larger competitors offer, and we do a better job at it. We excel at providing white-glove service to our customers, which is a refreshing change when they switch over from another partner.” Pranav Kulkarni, Co-Founder, Gorilla Expense

Another excellent feature is that multiple levels of approvals allow more detailed auditing. The various tools are easy to use. Now the team at Monrovia can finally fast-track their expense reporting process while minimizing errors.

A Simple and Intuitive Expense Management Platform

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