Discover the Power of Acumatica 2023 R1: Highlights of the 8 Best New Features

Acumatica 2023 R1 - Innovative ERP

Here at CAL Business Solutions, we are always on the lookout for innovative solutions that can help our customers streamline their operations and drive growth. The recent release of Acumatica 2023 R1 has us pretty intrigued.

From enhanced financial management capabilities to boosted CRM and marketing tools, Acumatica 2023 R1 boasts a range of exciting new features designed to optimize your business processes. As we go through some of the highlights, I invite you to consider how these advancements could revolutionize your own business.

Introduction to Acumatica 2023 R1

Acumatica is a leading provider of cloud-based ERP solutions, known for its robust, flexible, and user-friendly platform. The latest release, Acumatica 2023 R1, marks a significant milestone in the company's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. This update brings forth a multitude of enhancements and new features, but it’s not only about new functionality. Acumatica is committed to fine-tuning their software based on customer feedback. It’s the users that make Acumatica the number one cloud ERP system for small and medium sized businesses, and one thing that Acumatica has done right is to listen to their customers.

Introduction to Acumatica 2023 R1

As a cloud ERP solution, Acumatica 2023 R1 offers unparalleled accessibility, scalability, and security. Its wide range of modules and industry-specific editions allow for a tailored, comprehensive solution that meets the unique needs of each organization.

Acumatica 2023 R1 new features overview

The latest release of Acumatica includes a variety of powerful new features and enhancements that cater to the diverse needs of today's businesses. These improvements span across several key areas, including financial management, inventory and order management, project accounting and management, CRM and marketing, and integration and customization.

Here are highlights of our 8 favorite new features and enhancements:

1. Advanced Bank Reconciliation: Automate the reconciliation process, save time, and reduce errors. Replacing the previous “scenarios” with a redesigned ACH plug-in, users can now easily import bank transactions, match them with transactions recorded in Acumatica, and quickly identify discrepancies.

Advanced Bank Reconciliation

2. New AR Aging by Project Reports: In previous versions of Acumatica, you could not report and print lists of AR aging documents and customer balances grouped by projects. In Acumatica 2023 R1 you can now report on AR Aging by Project, either in a summary or detailed format. Additionally, there are AR Aged Period-Sensitive reports too.

New AR Aging by Project Reports

3. Batch Vendor Payments:  Save time with the new and improved, shorter workflow for vendor payments to be mass processed.  You can now quickly generate a batch of payments from the Prepare Payments (AP503000) form.  Watch the quick video here for more information.

Batch Vendor Payments

4. New Columns for Blanket Purchase Orders: Acumatica 2023 R1 brings us better tracking for blanket purchase orders through additional columns on the Purchase Orders form (PO301000).  If your purchase order has the blanket type, you will see two new columns, Qty. on Orders and Blanket Open Qty. on the details tab.

New Columns for Blanket Purchase Orders

5. Mixed Order Types: There’s a great new function on the sales order screen – you can now process both a sale (positive quantity) and a return (negative quantity) on the same order, as well as accept the customer payment and refund for the order.  This will help to streamline counter sales, will-call orders, and in-person returns.

Mixed Order Types 1

Mixed Order Types 2

6. Microsoft Teams Integration: Acumatica is making it so we can work smarter, not harder. Starting in Acumatica 2023 R1, you can set up an integration with Microsoft Teams.  Not only can you call and chat with your contacts, you can set up automatic notifications and import and share files right within the Acumatica interface.

Microsoft Teams Integration 1

Microsoft Teams Integration 2

7. 6 New Side Panels for Manufacturing: We all love side panels – we can get details relevant to what we are looking at without switching screens.  Now, manufacturing can too.  On the Production Order Maintenance screen, Acumatica 2023 R1 now has 6 available side panels: Production Order Details, Critical Materials, MRP Results by Item, Production Order Analysis, Production Order Supply Documents, and Project Task.

6 New Side Panels for Manufacturing

8. Better Workflow Approval Options: You can now go ahead and take that vacation and not worry about slowing down business or catching up when you return.  With Acumatica 2023 R1, they have made improvements to the approval workflow with the option of allowing the reassignment of approvals for a specific period of time.

Better Workflow Approval Options

In conclusion, the new features in Acumatica 2023 R1 offer a wealth of enhancements and improvements designed to help businesses better manage their operations and drive growth. From advanced financial management tools to boosted CRM and marketing capabilities, Acumatica 2023 R1 is a powerful, flexible, and scalable cloud ERP solution that can transform the way your organization operates.

To find out more about all the new features and enhancements in Acumatica 2023 R1, reach out to our team at CAL Business Solutions today!

by CAL Business Solutions, Inc, Acumatica Partner

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