Acumatica ERP’s Role in Manufacturing

When businesses cater to customers through their in-house production, there are several processes they have to oversee. Manufacturing capabilities in today’s age have seen quite an evolution from decades ago.

Today we observe faster turnaround times from sourcing raw materials and initiating production to delivering the finished goods. But so has the competition in this sector grown even faster.

In these times, to become profitable and thrive in the industry, it’s crucial for manufacturers to optimize. This relies heavily on minimizing overhead costs, optimizing pricing as well as planning production.

Even until some years ago, these tasks consumed long man-hours to research and make these decisions. However, manufacturers are now switching to ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning tools such as Acumatica to streamline manufacturing capabilities.

How can you better your business with ERP tools?

  Benefits of Acumatica Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a diverse industry, with consumer goods production at one end of the spectrum and high-end collectibles at the other. However, the fundamentals of this industry remain pretty much constant in all businesses.

From sourcing the best quality raw materials at low cost, and arranging logistics and resources to delivering finished goods, these are processes that must be overlooked to deliver the highest efficiency.

Software like Acumatica Cloud ERP has simplified the operational aspects of the manufacturing industry by optimizing resource usage and expenditure. Acumatica is a user-friendly ERP tool, especially for manufacturers of all kinds; those who make-to-stock, make-to-order, and engineer-to-order as well as ones focusing on project-centric production.

With the help of this ERP software, businesses have been able to rethink their growth models and multiply their revenue manifolds. Over the last six years, Acumatica has been the world’s fastest-growing ERP company and is trusted by many.

Enterprise Resource Planning is an all encompass planning and managing your business’s machinery, raw materials, inventory, etc.  The right ERP software helps you connect and organize each process involved considering their respective time frames. This will enable you to monitor your workforce on the go by easily accessing real-time updates.

Besides, you can also take control of planning supplies and produce just enough to meet forecasted demands. This way, you can cut down on inventory costs as well as costs of warehousing.

Moreover, ERP tools will also help you weigh the costs and benefits of existing processes. You can improve your business’s overall profit margins by eliminating redundant and repetitive processes and optimizing flows

So, all in all, ERP tools can be very beneficial to any business in manufacturing to enhance their operations and grow revenues!

Acumatica's Key Features for the Manufacturing Industry

Production Management

Features of Acumatica

  • Manufacturing is a capital-intensive process, demanding long hours of labor as well as machinery. For timely fulfillment of any order, you can leverage Acumatica’s Production Management feature to help you always stay on your toes.
  • With effective planning of labor allocation, sourcing materials, and scheduling processes, production management can organize your manufacturing facility to a great extent. This feature will also help you control production orders, their release, and scheduled orders, making you’re planning a fruitful reality.
  • While catering to customer-specific demands, you might have to take into account costs of various kinds. It can turn out to be a hassle to forecast prices taking into consideration the cost of each addition, adding to it logistical costs at each process.
  • With Acumatica’s Estimation functionally, you can minimize the effort to estimate customer bills, total production values, etc. You can now deliver a clear picture to your customers with precise costs so that we can plan for their deliverables well in advance! 
Advanced Planning & Scheduling
  • You would never want to disappoint a customer awaiting products with delayed delivery. Acumatica Cloud ERP has a built-in feature that helps you track your business closely to minimize downtime.
  • With the Advanced Planning and Scheduling tool, you can communicate accurate delivery times to customers. This helps you to plan production without pressure on your team and also helps you meet customer demands on time. And well, a timely delivery equals a happy customer! 
Manufacturing Data Collection
  • This is another key feature of this ERP software that helps you automate processes by helping you print barcodes for unique SKUs. This allows you to tag products with a unique ID that can help you track product-related data in the future.
  • By collecting data on manufactured goods, you can understand the demand for product categories, their average production costs, and profitability. This can also give you a picture of the future demand and help you make decisions for further optimization.
Warehouse Management
  • To store raw materials as well as finished products that are awaiting pick up, you will have to spend on owning or renting warehouse space. By knowing your facility better and upcoming orders, you can optimize the warehouse space organization.
  • Acumatica’s Warehouse Management System specifically caters to manufacturers. With this tool, you can streamline distribution processes by implementing ERP.
  • Moreover, with the warehouse management system, you can also cover for uncertain delays in pick up or deliveries. Thus, leading to successful order fulfillment. 
Inventory Management
  • By applying inventory planning and strategizing logistics using ERP tools, you can get your business ready for the quick-ship markets. The Inventory Management tool helps you get access to real-time inventory levels, costs as well as reorder quantities.
  • Moreover, if you are handling multiple warehouses, this feature can help you optimize supplies by scheduling sourcing from the nearest warehouse. Thus Acumatica’s Inventory Management truly connects warehousing with inventory control, letting you oversee the distribution channels.
  • Suppose you make customized products. Your customers get to choose from various options, finishes, and variants. But how do you ensure that your deliverables reach them just in time to keep your customers satisfied?
  • Here comes into play Acumatica’s CRM tool that can help you analyze the modifications you can make to a previously manufactured standard model. With minor changes in finishing and additional features, the desired output will be ready to roll!
  • For this, efficient inventory management becomes very critical. With the right ERP implementation, you can resolve these problems, taking care of store as well as cost prices.
  • But what if despite all the effort, your products get damaged during shipping? The live mobile tracking system notifies the concerned technician so that the repairs can be fixed immediately. All details of the material are used and the repair time gets fed into the tool.

And, there you have a happy customer, with a positive experience and timely delivery. With Acumatica, it is also simple to track costs and expenses at your end. By optimizing operational costs, your business can also surpass historical revenues. Be sure to see better numbers each passing year with this powerful ERP tool.

Why Acumatica Could Be Your Best Choice for the Manufacturing Domain?

Acumatica Dashboard

Acumatica can be easily installed on all devices including mobiles, desktops, and tablets. It’s also a collaborative tool with interfaces that are easy to navigate!

With this tool, you can easily integrate data from various devices as well as many other tools. Being a cloud-based software, you can also access your data from any device at any time.

Moreover, multiple users from your team can access it at no additional cost. You will only pay for the services that you choose!

With Acumatica, you can scale your business as you like with ease and flexibility. Not only will it help you to improve your future production but also to streamline existing processes.

Reach out to us at AdCirrus ERP and let’s discuss how we can help you grow better by increasing customer satisfaction and profit margins.

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