REPAY Announces AccountMate ClickToPay Online Payment Portal Integration

The idea of customer experience is slowly transforming from an art to a science. REPAY recently announced a new feature with our integrated partner, AccountMate, to bring more value and optimized solutions to AccountMate end-users through a comprehensive payments’ platform that now includes online payment portal capabilities.  AccountMate ClickToPay is now available for business partners and customers to leverage.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Optimizing the customer experience is not only delivering a more personalized experience, but it also about unifying the customer experience across every channel of engagement. AccountMate ClickToPay lets customers drive payments on their own time through a secure online payment portal. This is the first time that AccountMate users can offer customers to pay on their own schedules by card or ACH. This solution enhances customer experiences by reducing time to pay and granting full visibility into complete account history, open payments, and past due invoices.

Instead of reacting to customer demands, it's more important than ever for organizations to shape the customer journey. AccountMate ClickToPay allows businesses to build a better client experience, while making payments and reconciliation easier and faster. Learn more in this short demo.

REPAY provides a fully integrated payment processing solution designed to work seamlessly with AccountMate. REPAY offers AccountMate customers a true comprehensive omni-channel integrated payment solution that includes:

  • Level 3 processing for B2B transactions
  • Tokenized credit card data to simplify PCI compliance
  • Secure data protection via the REPAY Vault
  • Online payment portal functionality
  • 24/7 live support

With powerful payment automation solutions, innovative ways to accept and make payments, REPAY provides solutions that can streamline your payment processes and bring your business to the next level.

Streamline Payment Processes with REPAY

Whether it’s streamlining payment processes, securing payment data, or providing features such as online payment portals, the team at REPAY is always looking for innovative ways to simplify payments for businesses like yours.

AccountMate ClickToPay

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