Gorilla Expense Modernizes an Energy Company’s Expense Reporting

Missouri River Energy Services is an organization comprising 61 member municipalities in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota to provide crucial energy to their customers. Each community owns and operates its own electric distribution system. As electricity is at the heart of every home and business in these areas, it's important that Missouri River Energy Services operates efficiently. Gorilla Expense helped them do that. Here's how.

As the preferred energy and energy services provider in the regions along the Missouri River, Missouri River Energy Services is at the forefront of providing reliable and environmentally responsible energy. But as their members and their company grew, they were hampered by their archaic paper-based organizational system. They needed to update to continue providing exceptional customer experiences and remain competitive.

The Problem: Outdated, disjointed, paper-based system

To modernize their company, Missouri River Energy Services wanted a more centralized and streamlined solution that would integrate well with their existing accounting systems. They also wanted to align their operations with their commitment to sustainability and environmental considerations.

For half a century, the company relied on paper receipts and manual expense reporting for employee travel and other expense reimbursement. Moving into the digital age, it was time for a change. Their outdated manual system was unreliable and neither cost-effective nor environmentally friendly.

Keeping track of data involving sixty-one municipalities was a nightmare. Looking up specific transactions was difficult and time-consuming. Sifting through piles of receipts and paper reports to find a single piece of information was tedious and frustrating. The difficulties were compounded when they wanted to review or verify multiple expense accounts at a time.

This unwieldy system often resulted in unnecessary delays. Misplaced receipts, manual spreadsheets, and last-minute claims all contributed to a high risk of error that was costly to the company.

The Solution: User-friendly Gorilla Expense

Missouri River Energy Services considered two expense management systems: Gorilla Expense and another solution. They wanted a user-friendly system that would integrate seamlessly with their Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. For these and other reasons, they chose Gorilla Expense.

A few months into using Gorilla Expense, Missouri River Energy Services noticed a dramatic improvement in the success of its expense management system. Now expense reports are quickly and automatically coded accurately, which wasn't happening before.

The Accounting Manager especially appreciates their department's quick access when looking up or reviewing specific employees' credit card expense reports, transactions, or receipts. These searches used to be done manually by shuffling files and stacks of paper. All the necessary information is available quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

Gorilla Expense "was more user-friendly and easier to integrate with our Microsoft Dynamics GP software. Also, once integrated with GP, it seemed easier to modify accounts before posting them into the General Ledger. From the user side, it was also very user-friendly — the app is great!"

Denise Amundson, Accounting Manager, MRES

The accounting manager also shared that user response has been outstanding. Employees find it very convenient to snap pictures of receipts on their phones and use them to create their expense reports. They are also able to select and review appropriate expense accounts automatically. They couldn't do that in their old manual system. Gorilla Expense's automation and organization have benefited both employees and the accounting department.

Missouri River Energy Services found an excellent turnaround and timely response rate from Gorilla Expense, allowing them to transition smoothly and adapt to the new system.

Streamline your expense reporting system with Gorilla Expense. Contact us to learn more about what Gorilla Expense can do for your business.

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