Acumatica Payroll Provides Both Compliance and Customization

PayrollA smooth, accurate, and automated payroll system is essential to the success of any modern company. Many payroll software solutions do not achieve all three of those criteria. Fortunately, Acumatica Payroll does. By using Acumatica Payroll, your business can eliminate the complexity of a separate payroll system, instead keeping payroll within your ERP along with many other data and systems. When your systems are united, previously time-consuming tasks like timecard entry and payroll reporting will be automated and streamlined.

But that is not all: Acumatica Payroll sets up guardrails, so your company remains compliant while it also provides enough flexibility to customize your solution to your business’s unique needs. This blend of strict compliance and endless customization sets Acumatica Payroll apart from other payroll solutions.

Maintain Compliance and Accuracy through Automation

 Maintaining compliance in your payroll processes is not optional. Mistakes can lead to fines, tax repercussions, and inaccurate compensation to your employees. Acumatica Payroll provides as many tools as possible to help you manage payroll accurately. Here are some of the features you will find within the solution:

  • Up-to-date tax rates are imported into Acumatica at no additional cost, meaning that the tax tables within the solution will always be accurate at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Conquer the headache that is overtime through automatic overtime rules: you can set daily or weekly rules and add multiple parameters so that you do not need to set up overtime manually in each case. You can also figure OT bonuses after the fact in order to comply with FLSA.
  • Made a mistake? You can correct errors in a payroll run with minimal rework. Paychecks can even be voided after being closed or partially paid.
  • Automate settlement pay processing for exiting employees. This automatic process includes PTO pay and deactivates the employee’s account.
  • The system will automatically stop calculating workers’ compensation benefits when it reaches the wage limit.
  • Streamline government forms and reporting through Acumatica’s Aatrix eFiling process to file more than 330 state and federal forms.
  • Acumatica Payroll also supports Canadian companies and can maintain compliance with Canadian government regulations, taxes, and standards.

With all these features and more available to you in Acumatica Payroll, the potential for noncompliance will be greatly reduced, giving you more peace of mind and confidence in your payroll system. 

Meet Your Unique Needs through Customization

 Once you are sure that your payroll system is compliant, you can feel freer to customize your payroll system to meet the unique needs of your business. Acumatica Payroll makes it easy to set up your system with endless customization possibilities.

Here are some of the many ways you can customize your Acumatica Payroll system:

  • You can set up different pay groups with different pay period schedules (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) or different employee types. You can set default deductions and benefits for each of these groups, as well.
  • You can set default employee classes that include hours per week, location, PTO accrual, and WC code.
  • You can create unique operational and personal dashboards to have all your important data at your fingertips. You can also create custom reports through Acumatica Payroll.
  • You can empower your employees by allowing them to review paychecks and paystubs from their mobile device.
  • You can enter work hours by the team or working group if you have employees who work similar hours, such as construction crews.

How to Set up Payroll Preferences VIDEOLearn More About Payroll Preferences in Acumatica

If you want to learn more about how to set up your payroll preferences within Acumatica, check out our video about Acumatica Payroll Preferences here.

At Mindover, we are passionate about helping our customers meet and exceed their business goals through software solutions like Acumatica Payroll. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company implement Acumatica Payroll or other software solutions.

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