A Travel Expense Tracker for Today’s Businesses

Do you have a travel expense tracker that really works for your business? Perhaps you’re still using jotted notes and paper receipts. But let’s be honest, paper-based systems don’t work very well. That’s why they’ve rightly gone the way of the Rolodex. Modern technology has given us many ways to improve our business practices, and advanced travel expense tracking is finally here.

Paper-based systems are prone to human error, not to mention fraud. And the exhausting paper trail is tedious and frustrating. The paper method requires human intervention every step of the way and takes your employees’ attention away from the more profitable work they could be doing.

Isn’t it time to consider a better alternative? Gorilla Expense offers the solution you need. Let’s look at some of the benefits you’ll get from a streamlined business travel expense tracker.

Benefits of an Automated Travel Expense Tracker

  • Compliance with your company’s  travel policies

You’ll remove a time-consuming burden from your finance team if you empower employees to automate the tracking of their travel expenses. Make them aware of and responsible for compliance and other issues that cost your company time and money. Automation also reduces fraud and inaccuracies.

  • Increased visibility into your company’s finances

An Automated expense tracker will let you know, in real time, where your company’s travel dollars are being spent. You’ll get a better view of your cash flow within any given period and know immediately when you’re over budget on a particular project.

  • Preparation for tax deductions and audits

You must handle your expenses properly so they can be marked as legitimate and qualified for tax deductions. Having your records in order makes oversight easier and gives you an accurate picture of your expenses. Transparent records and audit trails reflect how well you manage your finances.

  • Increased productivity

When you make it easier for everyone in your organization to create their travel expense reports, everything flows much more smoothly and efficiently. Automating, simplifying, and streamlining your processes speeds up expense reporting and reimbursements and keeps employees happy.

What to look for in a travel expense tracker

It’s tempting to be drawn to a travel expense tracker with the most bells and whistles. But it’s important to consider what you need and which solution best suits your unique requirements.

To find the travel expense tracker for your business, ask these questions:

  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Does it support multiple users with various permissions?
  • Will it accommodate your approvals workflow?
  • Can it help enforce compliance with your company’s travel policies?
  • Will its features scale with your business growth?
  • Can it help you reduce costs?
  • Will it streamline your processes?
  • Will it help your team become more productive?
  • Will it allow complete transparency and visibility?
  • Will it provide insightful reports reflecting how you want your data analyzed and displayed?
  • Does it integrate seamlessly with your accounting system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Sage Intacct?

At Gorilla Expense, we answer yes to all these questions. We’ve taken expense tracking to the next level by allowing you cloud-based and on-premise options. Gorilla Expense works offline or online, even without a computer. We also tailor a solution that best supports your company’s needs and processes. You may check out our demo for more information.

With Gorilla Expense’s expense management software for modern businesses, you can eliminate the stress of chasing receipts and gain complete visibility into your corporate spending.

Contact our experts or schedule a free demo to learn more about Gorilla Expense. To learn more, visit our expense reporting best practices blog



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